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    REIN™ Exclusive Presentation #1:
    Multi-Family Investing- The Next Step...

    Derek Lobo is a 22 year veteran Real Estate expert, a specialist in multi-family properties and a consultant and broker to the Canadian Apartment industry. Derek will be identifying the areas you should build in, the areas to buy in, and the areas you should run away from as fast as you can.
    Derek's presentation will be filled with data and insights from the Western Canadian Apartment building market and he will be identifying:
    • How to buy 'smart' - picking the areas with strong multi-family property fundamentals.
    • How to identify the opportunities in Western Canada.
    • How to find the hidden value within the 'rent rolls'.
    • How to make the step from single family homes and duplexes, to multi-family properties and apartments.
    • How to find the 'sweet spot' in the apartment building market - the zone of apartment buildings that is too small for the large investors and REITS, and too large for the average unsophisticated investor. Plus Derek will identify the size of this market place with Western Canadian specific data.

    Feedback from our members tells us that purchasing multi-family properties is the next evolution for many of you. This will be the first step towards the REIN™ updated multi-family investing system.

    REIN™ Exclusive Presentation #2:
    "How to get a Mortgage when the Money Runs Out"

    In this interactive presentation, financing expert Peter Kinch will be diving into advanced strategies to help you identify your next steps in order to achieve your personal Belize. Specifically Peter will be discussing the following topics:
    • The best practices when working with JV partners
    • Your options if you don't want to use JV money
    • 100% financing options
      • High Ratio Options
      • Self-Employed? ... what are the options?
      • Sub-Prime options in the Post-Credit Crunch era.
    • The Cause and Effect of your mortgage choices, and how to make decisions now so you do not hit a brick wall later.
    • The launching of a brand new Canadian Mortgage Team / REIN™ exclusive mortgage Product How can you take advantage of this opportunity?
    • And finally, How to chose the right product to suit your current needs without negatively impacting your long-term goals.
    • This is a presentation exclusively designed to help get you closer to buying your next piece of Real Estate.

    REIN™ Exclusive Presentation #3:
    Tales From the Legal Trenches - Tips and Traps from receiving 'expert' advice:

    Again this month veteran legal expert Barry McGuire will be sharing his knowledge and experiences with the members in his brand new tales from the trenches presentation. This month Barry will be talking about receiving 'expert' advice, specifically:
    • Tax Planning can Equal Big $ -3 examples of members benefitting from proper tax planning tips, and the potential savings.
    • It's Just Human Nature - Being an 'expert' is from 'experience', sometimes it doesn't make you an expert in all areas. How can you avoid learning this lesson in advance and find help before it is too late?
    • Expert Advice Saved My Butt - A tale of how a fellow member followed the REIN's system, hired the right expert and avoided disaster.

    As always Barry's presentations, once implemented, can have a direct impact on your bottom line. Make sure you are in attendance to hear all the details.

    REIN™ Exclusive Presentation #4:
    What's Behind the Curtain by Don R. Campbell

    This month Don R. Campbell will be presenting his brand new research from the Cutting Edge Research Team. As always Don will be focusing on the 12 long term economic fundamentals that drive Real Estate values up and down.

    Following are just a few of the topics that you will have access to in your What's Behind the Curtain REIN™ newsletter...

    * Food, Fuel and Fertilizer (F3). How is Canada prepared to weather, or even profit from the world food-price increases?

    * Which cities (and areas) in Canada lead the nation in home-price gains in the last decade?

    * How is the Alberta economy performing in the national perspective? Will Alberta be the engine of growth or be the province that will require stimulus from the other provinces? How will this affect you and your Real Estate portfolio?

    * Alberta has the lowest unemployment rate in the country and the strongest job growth in the nation. Will this trend continue or reverse directions? Be at the meeting to see the latest job estimates for the upcoming Alberta construction projects (over $100M) in Alberta. Where will the province turn to fill all these jobs?

    * What is the status on all the announced oil industry investment, with some projects being put on the back shelf and many new ones being announced. Make sure you are in attendance to hear the latest updates.

    * As predicted, MLS listings will hit an all time record high this spring/ summer. What does this mean to Real Estate investors?

    * Why is water is becoming one of Alberta's top priorities?

    * Plus some senior tax news articles to help keep you ahead of the masses when it comes to keeping more of your profits. These articles will help you become more aware of the potential pitfalls in the tax arena.

    ... Plus Don will be diving into the micro-economic details of many of the towns in Alberta. Make sure you are in person at the workshop to capture all the details and not miss any opportunities.

    So no matter if you are building your portfolio, managing your assets, or exiting you will find tremendous value and support from the upcoming REIN workshops.
    Many Thanks,

    Russell Westcott

    Canada's #1 Real Estate Investing System, Presented Live!
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