8 suite apartment building for sale in Yorkton, SK

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    Highland Estates - Marketing Document - January 2010 - V4.pdf
    We have an 8 suiter for sale in Yorkton, SK for $650,000 as it is too small for our portfolio. Rents today for well over $65,000/year with upside .. and possible condo conversion potential !

    Attached is the information package on the apartment building in Yorkton.

    The property (Highland Estates) is an 8 unit apartment building consisting of seven 2 bedroom units and one bachelor unit. Over $30,000 was spent in suite upgrades in 2010 including flooring, blinds, bathrooms, kitchen and appliances. Each unit has it’s own exterior entrance to the building and the laundry room is located on the lower level. Parking stalls are gravel in the rear of the building, each having an electrical outlet and are accessed from the lane. Suites on the lower level have concrete below grade entrances/decks and the upper levels have balconies/entrances.  The boiler is original with no problems reported and the roof is approximately 10 years old. All windows are original except two windows that were replaced in summer 2008. The property is currently fully leased and there is room to increase revenue with rent increases. For additional information including pictures, asking price and cap rate please see the attached document.

    7 2BRs and 1 1BR .. great mix !

    We will carry a small VTB and assist in analysis/education/closing/financing for first time buyer, if interested.

    We could continue to manage it for you, you self-manage or hire a new firm - your call !

    Approx. $150,000 cash required .. better $300,000 for enhanced cash-flow !

    For more details please see attached .. then contact Mike @ 403-678-3330 or mike@prestprop.com.
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