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  • Forum Post: Investor Needed for Mortgage (Assumption) Qualification Only. Cash Back on Close!

    We are looking for an investor to who has strong credit to qualify for an assumtion of a 2 year mortgage. Currently have home under contract and plan on doing a rent to own with the property. Single family home located in a strong area in Calgary and presents a great opportunity to earn a good return...
  • Forum Post: Dear Alberta Real Estate Investor - Our introduction - AFS Inc.

    Dear: Real Estate Investors This is an introduction letter to you, from Amansad Financial Services Inc. (AFS Inc). We believe that our Investor clients can achieve a great return in today’s market, in an ethical and socially conscious manner. Amansad Financial Services Inc. (AFS Inc.) was incorporated...
  • Forum Post: 29% per annum ROI on Tenant First RTO in Fort McMurray (2 year term)

    We have another excellent investment opportunity in the works (with more on the way) and we are seeking a money partner interested in making either a 29% or 205% per year return on investment over the next two years. The investment is a two year "tenant-first" rent-to-own (RTO) home. So we...
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