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    Prince Rupert Free Equity

    This investment property is totally renovated and has a beautiful water view. This bright and spacious property boasts beautiful sunset views and is located in a desired neighborhood that every new and existing homeowner wants and needs.

    Prince Rupert has key drivers that are long term and keep the economy stable like Port authority and Government jobs.

    Here is the deal

    1. What is the investment?

    Single family house with $30,000 equity built in


    1. What’s in it for me as the investor?

    $30,000 equity

    No mortgage qualification

    No management fees, realtor’s fees, property transfer tax

    No headache guarantee


    1. How much money is needed for investment?



    1. How is my investment money secured?

    With a 2nd mortgage registered on title

    Also with a joint venture agreement


    1. What is the exit strategy?

    Sell in 18 months


    If this deal interests you please contact me at or 250.626.7230

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