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How Do I Reply to a Post Made by Another Member?

How Do I Reply to a Post Made by Another Member?
There are two ways to reply to a post as follows:

  • Tag the member's name in your reply.
  • Quote the member's text in your reply.
1.) Tagging a Member:

To tag a member, type an '@' symbol followed by the full nickname of the member.

As an example, to tag a member with the nickname 'Jenny' type @Jenny. Similarly, to tag a member with the nickname 'Jenny M' type in @Jenny M.

Note: Make sure that there is no space between the '@' and the Nickname of the member.

When you tag a member, he/she is automatically notified through an alert.

2.) Quoting a Member's Text in your reply:

To Quote a member's text in your reply, just click on 'Quote' link that appears right underneath their post. Please refer image below:


Once you do this, the entire content of the member's post now appears in your reply-box wrapped inside 'Quote Tags'. You can add your message below the quote tags as shown in the image below:


Quoting Specific Lines:

If the member's message is large and you just want to quote a specific sentence(s) from their post, then you can manually remove text from within the 'Quote Tags'.

For instance, let's say from the following message you just want to quote the first sentence:

To quote just the first sentence, manually delete the second and third sentences from within the 'Quote Tags' so you are only left with the following:

Replying Quote by Quote:

Given the above message, if you want to reply 'sentence by sentence' then you can manually copy and paste the 'Quote Tags' multiple times and edit the message inside as follows:

Your response.

Your response.

Your response.

Quoting from Multiple Messages:

In a similar fashion, you can also quote from multiple messages within a single reply by clicking on the 'quote' link from all the respective messages.
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