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    Hi everyone,

    As you may have noticed, we made some significant changes to the design and function of myREINspace last week and while we have been very excited about the change, we want to ensure that you, our users, are happy. We have encountered some issues with viewing the website properly on multiple web browsers as well as some other functionality glitches. We have decided that for the time being, we will revert back to the previous version of the forum so that we can further develop and test the updated versions of the site. This will be taking place tonight, January 2nd from 10:00pm until 2:00am Pacific time. You may experience some abnormal function of the site during this maintenance period, but all forums and archives will be available for you to access.
    Before we re-launch the new design of myREINspace, we are going to do a larger scale beta test for our members that are interested to take part in. If you'd like to be part of the beta testing group, please send a request to and we will send you the test information when we're ready to go.

    We sincerely appreciate your patience with these changes and we apologize for the inconvenience to those who were affected negatively. If you have other suggestions regarding the forum upgrades or the changes you've experienced over the past week, please post them in our Technical Support section or send an e-mail to Have a great day!  

    Madison Norton
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