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    REIN™ Monthly Workshop - Edmonton

    Date: Tuesday, May 13, 2008
    Time: 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM
    Location: Shaw Conference Centre - 9797 Jasper Ave.
    City: Edmonton

    This special workshop is for REIN members only. If you are not yet a member, follow this link to discover more: REIN Membership Details

    Here are just a few of the topics we'll be covering at the Alberta REIN™ workshops:

    1) What's Behind the Curtain
    This month Don R. Campbell will be presenting his brand new research from the Cutting Edge Research Team. He will be focusing on the 12 long term economic fundamentals that drive Real Estate values up and down. This month we will be taking an extra long look into the economic fundamentals to give you the entire picture of the market. Following are just a few of the topics Don will be diving head first into...

    * The Economist magazine has just come out with its list of best places in the world to invest. Find out where Canada is on that list and if we are moving up or down. Is the high Canadian dollar helping or hindering us in the eyes of the world economy?

    * Discover the latest research on the "R" word; is Canada headed for a recession or will the economic growth just slow down? Discover the latest research and growth forecasts on a province by province basis. Which areas will grow and which areas will significantly slow and be a drag on the economy?

    * How is the Alberta economy performing in the national perspective? Will Alberta be the engine of growth or be the province that will require stimulus from the other provinces? How will this affect you and your Real Estate portfolio?

    * Spring home sales for the first quarter in Alberta... are they up or down? What does this mean to the Real Estate values in the area?

    * As predicted in January you would be seeing the headlines 'listings at an all-time high' and 'Year over year growth in Alberta Real Estate is down'. These newspaper headlines are here and has come and is not a surprise. The question is what's next? Make sure you are at the May workshop to hear all the details.

    * "The Credit Crunch", the hangover from the U.S. Subprime situation, is still showing its head in the Canadian banking industry. How will this affect your next mortgage application? What are some steps you can take to be head and shoulders above everyone else?

    * What has been the effect of longer amortization mortgages in the Canadian Real Estate market? Are these new lending products any different than U.S. Subprime mortgages? Are they creating sustainable housing affordability?

    * With the lowering of the short term lending rate (Bank of Canada prime rate) this past month, find out what effect this will have on the housing market. What is the forecast for the prime rate in the future? Is it time to keep riding variable rate mortgages or time to lock in? Make sure you are at the upcoming REIN™ workshop to hear all the details.

    * With the price of oil now hitting levels over $120/ barrel, is this good news or bad news for Albertans?

    * How has the Alberta employment market performed? Are jobs leaving Alberta, or are they growing faster than ever?

    * With housing starts significantly slowing, how will this affect the future resale properties and the residential resale inventory in Alberta?

    * What's happening in the rental market? Is the demand for good quality rentals increasing or decreasing? What is the forecasted direction of rental rates in the Province?

    ... Plus Don will be diving into the micro-economic details of many of the towns in Alberta, make sure you are in person at the workshop to capture all the details and not miss any opportunities.

    2) Sophisticated Strategies for Mortgage Portfolios with Peter Kinch
    It is getting fun out there with many banks changing their rules and others outright saying "no". There is no better time than now to start speaking their language and presenting yourself using their terms. Terms like 'rental off-set', 'DCR ratios', 'rental add backs' and TDSR are changing... find out how they work today. One of Canada's leading experts in the area of mortgage financing will be giving you the tips and strategies needed to understand and secure your next Mortgages with the major Canadian banks.

    3) Financial Calculations For Sophisticated Real Estate Investors
    Sometimes trying to understand all the financial calculations that Real Estate investors use is like trying to learn another language without the aid of a good translator. This month I'll be presenting the second installment of the presentation called 'Financial Calculations for Sophisticated Real Estate Investors'. We will be walking you through such calculations as... Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Present Value, Future Value, Gross & Net Operating Income, Capitalization Rates, and the Net Income Multiplier.

    All these calculations will be explained in detail to help you identify where they apply As we all know, making our decisions based upon the numbers is what helps quiet those emotions in the transactions. Increasing your financial literacy will be important to taking your Real Estate business to the next level. Be prepared to take many notes, and bring a calculator.

    We will be starting at 6:30pm sharp (doors open at 6:00pm). Come prepared to focus on one thing - your success in Canadian Real Estate Investing. As always, these monthly events are just one of the dozens of benefits that are included in your REIN™ Membership. Use them all and you will create amazing results.

    Once again, this exclusive workshop is for REIN members only. If you are not yet a member, click the following link to find out how to become a member: REIN Membership Details

    Single Day Event On: 5/13/2008

    Ray Reuter
    Real Estate Investment Network™ Ltd

    6 - 27250 58 Cr

    Langley, BC V4W 3W7

    (604) 856-2825

    Canada Wide: (888) 824-7346

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