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    REIN™ Monthly Workshop - Edmonton

    Date: Thursday, April 17, 2008
    Time: 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM
    Location: Shaw Conference Centre - 9797 Jasper Ave.
    City: Edmonton

    This special workshop is for REIN members only. If you are not yet a member, follow this link to discover more: REIN Membership Details

    This meeting is a full evening jam-packed with Canadian-Specific Real Estate Strategies, special guests, expert investors and many other surprises.

    This meeting is a full evening jam-packed with Canadian-Specific Real Estate Strategies, special guests, expert investors and many other surprises.

    The RCMP Present:
    How to Identify and
    Avoid Marijuana Grow Op's

    (6:30pm Wednesday April 16th in Calgary and Thursday April 17th in Edmonton).

    The Alberta market is churning as it finds its way through the plateau. Listings have dramatically increased - yet at the same time rents have taken a large jump upwards. In-migration slowed this quarter, yet Alberta created more jobs than anywhere else. Vendors are motivated, but not yet dropping their prices. What this means is that we are witnessing the ultimate example of a plateau. The key now is to identify which way it will go from here - and that's a key theme to the April REIN™ Members' Only Workshop.

    Will the market heat up, or will it substantially cool? You will have to come out to hear all the details and latest research.

    This will be an evening of insights, discovery and strategies all designed to make you the best of the best in the Real Estate market. Here are the details of these important Workshops:

    Workshop details:

    REIN™ Monthly Workshop - Calgary
    Date: Wednesday, April 16, 2008
    Time: 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM
    Location: Red and White Club - 1833 Crowchild Trail NW
    City: Calgary

    REIN™ Monthly Workshop - Edmonton
    Date: Thursday, April 17, 2008
    Time: 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM
    Location: Shaw Conference Centre - 9797 Jasper Ave.
    City: Edmonton


    How to identify if you have a Grow Op.
    If you find your property has been used for this illegal activity what do you do with it?

    REIN™ is bringing in one of Canada's leading experts from the RCMP Drugs and Organized Crime Awareness Services to share his insights into this increasing problem. Sgt. Lorne Adamitz will be our special guest this month to help REIN™ Members be some of the most educated and proactive landlords in the business.

    Sgt. Adamitz and special guests will be answering the following questions

    • How do you identify if you have a Grow-Op or Methamphetamine lab in one of your rental properties?

    • How wide spread is the proliferation in Western Canada?... It might be closer than you think.

    • What are the indicators of a previous Grow Op in a property you are considering to buy?

    • What is the potential damage that can occur to your property from these illegal activities?

    • What is the role of Organized crime in Grow Ops?

    • What are the insurance coverage problems, the costs for inspection and rehabilitation of your property?

    • What are the proactive steps for Landlords to take so this does not happen to their property?

    This presentation will be designed to make you fully aware and more proactive in your Real Estate business.

    What's Behind The Curtain
    Don R. Campbell will be diving head first into the economic fundamentals and more importantly will help everyone to interpret some of major topics in the news today Don will be addressing for you:

    • The state of the Canadian Economy- With the U.S. economy in recession, the Canadian economy is likely to soften in the coming six months, but only in select regions. How will this affect us here in Alberta and the rest of the West?
    • Canadian Credit Market- Latest research into how the U.S. credit crunch has impacted the Canadian household credit market, and what the truth is behind the slow-down. Where do your opportunities lie? What does the future trend for the credit market look like and how will that affect your next mortgage?
    • Cost of doing business in Canada KPMG report- How Canada, the United States and Australia provide the lowest-cost locations for business among established industrialized countries, according to a survey by KPMG, which also shows that the current strength in the Canadian Dollar has temporarily eroded Canada's long-time advantage against the U.S. What does this mean to Canadian industries?
    • Future Bank of Canada interest rate predictions- We expect the Bank of Canada to cut interest rates in the coming months. What does this mean to you as Real Estate investors? Is this good news or bad? How will affect our economy?
    • The Canadian Mortgage arrears rate- This key measurement is still at the very low level of 0.26%, and this trend is very different than the situation in the US where delinquency and foreclosure rates have risen notably in recent months. Will this Canadian trend continue or is there volatility on the horizon?
    • What's up with all the listings in Calgary and Edmonton? Is it time to buy or hibernate? What will all these listing do to the housing prices? When comparing the housing prices to last years in some markets the average house price is down (based on percentages). Is this an opportunity or a signal to sell everything?
    • Alberta's Labour shortage? What is the state of the jobs in Alberta? Are wages increasing or decreasing, and how do these impact the affordability of home and the rental market?
    • What are the long term economic fundamentals for Western Canada? Is the west starting to create an economic advantage?
    • All of this and much more will be covered.
    In addition we are also covering:

    How To Structure A Lease To Protect YOU the Landlord
    A brand new presentation as part of our ongoing Landlording Secrets Series. Legal Expert Barry McGuire will be telling us how to write, manage and structure our leases to strengthen our position with our tenants and to help protect our assets.

    Sophisticated Strategies for Mortgage Portfolios with Peter Kinch
    It is getting fun out there with many banks changing their rules and others outright saying "no". There is no better time than now to start speaking their language and presenting yourself using their terms. Terms like 'rental off-set', 'DCR ratios', 'rental add backs' and TDSR are changing... find out how they work today. One of Canada's leading experts in the area of mortgage financing will be giving you the tips and strategies needed to understand and secure your next Mortgages with the major Canadian banks.

    Once again, this is going to be another amazing evening of discovery; You'll want to get a good seat for this workshop. Please ensure you are at this workshop early and remember we are NOT on our regular nights of the week. We will be starting at 6:30pm sharp (doors open at 6:00pm). Come prepared to focus on one thing - your success in Canadian Real Estate Investing.

    As always, these monthly events are just one of the dozens of benefits that are included in your REIN™ Membership. Use them all and you will create amazing results. Make sure you are setting yourself up for your best year ever- take advantage of all of your benefits.

    See you at the April workshop,

    Many Thanks

    Russell Westcott
    REIN™ Canada

    P.S. I was just talking to Ray, and he mentioned he only has a few seats available for the upcoming Condo Conversion workshop in Edmonton. I'm not sure by the time this email reaches you that there will be any seats available. If you would like to instantly register for this optional event you will want to do that today. Click here to discover ifthere are any seats available.

    Once again, this exclusive workshop is for REIN members only. If you are not yet a member, click the following link to find out how to become a member: REIN Membership Details

    Single Day Event On: 4/17/2008

    Ray Reuter
    Real Estate Investment Network™ Ltd

    6 - 27250 58 Cr

    Langley, BC V4W 3W7

    (604) 856-2825

    Canada Wide: (888) 824-7346

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