NEW version of REMA 3.3.5 released July 27/08

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    July 27, 2008 update version 3.3.5

    Added the first edition of our new JV Presentation Package in the Analyzer. This allows you to choose a logo for the title page and to select which reports to include in the package that you can save and then print or email for JV prospects and Lenders etc. We are still working on some sizing issues regarding the logo file. Play around with different graphics files until you find one that works and then get back to us with the size you had success with. We tried a .jpg file up to 550 x 210 with success. Looking forward to your feedback on this new feature!

    Mortgage Calculator in Analyzer and Portfolio now allows calculation of a single balloon payment 'At End of Term' of the mortgage. This will be very helpful for those VTB and other 3rd party 2nd mortgages structured this way.

    Added the ability to include Mortgage/Loan fees in an Analyzer mortgage setup so you can include high-ratio CMHC/GE Capital fees in your projections easily.

    Added a Mortgage Calculation Worksheet Report for various lending institutions - with thanks to Peter Kinch, Rob MacDonald and the Canadian Mortgage Team!

    Allowed the Fixmdb.exe program to be run from within Rema. This utility will update your database to handle new fields sometimes contained in REMA updates. The utility should run automatically when updating REMA (you'll get a pop-up saying your data files were updated successfully), but once in a while does not with some VISTA installations. Find it in Toolkit "Update Database with new Fields (Fixmdb)".

    Fixed a screen display error (modal vs non-modal) in the reporting module.

    Made some cosmetic & background operational changes.


    June 13, 2008 update version 3.3.4

    Added the ability to re-schedule Property Reminders. When you tell the system a property reminder is completed, you now have the ability to re-schedule that reminder for a future date. This can be done at both the initial reminder screen that appears when you start Rema and/or in the actual form used to add/change property reminders.

    Changed the location of zipped files and pdf report files

    A new updated Help File with an enhanced Real Estate Glossary and an explanation of Real Estate related Financial Terms

    Some cosmetic/operational changes


    May 22, 2008 update version 3.3.3

    Added # of Bedrooms and Bathrooms to Analyzer Income and to Suite Info in Portfolio

    Changed the Equity Calculation on the Property Tabs screen to be CMV - Book Value

    Moved out tenants will no longer show up on reports


    May 15, 2008 update version 3.3.1

    Added the Copy a Property feature to the Portfolio module

    Added the Future Value calculations in the Analyzer Module

    Fixed a field length error in the Analyzer module

    The trial version will display a message showing the number of days left in the trial. This message will show up when there is a week or less left.

    Activated the Management Only option


    May 1, 2008 update version 3.2.1

    Rema will now check our web site, on startup, for an updated version of the program and will ask you if you want to install it

    Implemented the paid version licensing model and added a new database to hold your license key

    Added the ability to move your databases to any location you choose on your PC or, for networked multi-user licensees, anywhere on your office/home network

    Extensively modified the Analyzer to look more like the Property screens. Analyzer screens are now a shade of green as opposed to the blue found on the Property screens.

    The Analyzer module can now be separately licensed

    The forms showing all the Property Tabs and Analyzer tabs will stay open if you cancel out of the respective Property and Analyzer Detail forms

    The Analyzer Ownership form now checks to see that you have allocated 100% of cash invested as well as ownership

    Any messages due to you not selecting a required field on the Mortgage Data screens will leave you on that form instead of showing the next form before going back to correct the error


    April 5, 2008 update version 3.1.7

    Repaired a broken link and re-designed the Link to Helpful Web Sites screen

    Added a maintenance function (in Toolkit) to allow users access to all Revenue and Expense amounts in Rema. There is a possibility of "Orphan Amounts" hanging around in the Revenue side of things if properties have been changed from Single to Multi family (or vice-versa). These amounts won't show up in the revenue screens but do have the potential to add in to revenue amounts in reports. This maintenance function allows the ability to add, change or delete amounts but lacks the "smarts" of the main revenue and expense screens.

    Updated the installer program and the location of the Rema data files. These data files now go to \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Rema in XP and \ProgramData\Rema in Vista.

    Fixed a bug in the uninstall routine of 3.1.6 that mistakenly removed some system files and didn't replace them leading to 339 and 372 errors

    Created file location entries in the registry

    The Fixmdb database update program now runs as part of the update install program

    March 20, 2008 update version 3.1.6

    Fixed an issue regarding sending the REIN 17-3 report generating an error

    Added a date submitted regarding the Rein 17-3 report

    Fixed some reporting issues regarding multiple mortgages and security deposits not showing up

    Added a separate Income Tab in the Property details and split out non-suite revenue in the new income tab

    Fixed the Equity figure and percentage showing in the Property Details screen

    Happy Easter!


    March 12, 2008 update version 3.1.5

    We have re-designed the look of the Analyzer to match the Portfolio section so the whole program is easier to learn!

    The Analyzer will now automatically re-calculate the Initial Cash Payment in the Ownership tab whenever you make changes in Mortgage principal amounts in the Financing tab, and/or to Acquisition Costs and/or to One-time Expenses

    Now on first use your Licence info as entered by you as a new User is automatically entered in the Vendors Table and checked as 'This is Me', so you do not have to set yourself up in the Vendor Table in the Investor/Partner category

    We changed the track by property to not allow or display the 'Track by Suite' selection if Single Family is selected for the Property

    The building/suite descriptions have a new field - single or multi family. Run thru the building/suite descriptions and assign each description to a single or multi-family category, When you add revenue in the Analyzer, these categories will be filtered by whether or not it is single or multi family.

    The property name now appears in all window title bars in all windows within a property

    'Display only' information on windows have been changed to 'labels' rather than 'text boxes' to clarify that they are display-only items

    Mortgage fees are added in to the mortgage principal amount on 3rd window of 'Financing' tab, but only when you select that option and only when first creating the mortgage.

    In Property/Suite Data window we moved the Occupancy Date field above Lease Term Length - if term length changes it will affect the related dates further down on the screen.

    Analyzer now allows 1-time Income (same as in Expenses)

    Analyzer now captures all Income items on a transfer to Portfolio (whether rent, rent-to-own etc - as long as it is in Income category in the Table)

    On the main Property data window the following info is now displayed

    Date purchased and purchase price

    Current market vaue and date of valuation

    Equity $ and %

    Status (from Property Details) Pre-possession, Active, Sale Pending

    Property Type

    Track Revenue By

    Submitted to 17-3 Y/N

    Income and Expense items marked as 'Autoload' in the Table will now automatically load those items into a property you are analyzing. You can select which items to Autoload via the Table 'Income/Expense Codes'

    We have created the ability to delete Income or Expense entries for the entire 5 years - this 5 year delete function will only work on new Revenue or Expense entriesentered from version 3.1.5 on. Delete all 5 years of an entry the old way and then add a new 5 yr entry. When you delete the 1st years entry (the "Parent"), you will be asked if you want to delete all 5 years. If you delete an entry after the first year, it will only delete that one entry.

    When you transfer an analyzed property into your portfolio the system will transfer your JV Partner's cash contribution to the purchase into your cashflow for the property as a negative expense. So now your projected cashflow is completely addressed in the purchase - automatically!

    Added the ability in Toolkit to zip and email your Sample database file to us at Remasoft to help when evaluating questions you have for us.

    January 9, 2008 update version 3.1.1

    Added the ability to link a 'signature photo' to each Property in your Portfolio and in the Analyzer. The selected photo will display on the screen of the open property! If you link the photo to a property in Analyzer and later buy the property the photo will transfer to your portfolio along with the property.

    Added the ability to add links to property related documents, which you can sort and select by category (you can modify or create your own categories). Use this to create links within each property to your scanned documents such as leases, mortgages, photos, title docs etc. You will find this new feature contained in a new Tab to the right of the 'Maintenance' Tab within the Property screen. If you link files to a property in Analyzer and later buy the property the photo will transfer to your portfolio along with the property.

    Added links to non-property documents, located in Toolkit. This is the same feature as in the Analyzer and Portfolio for individual properties, but is intended for your files that are not related to an individual property.

    Added the ability to view the latest REMA update changes and additions from the Help Menu 'Read Update Readme file'.

    When you run the Analyzer cash flow reports by individual property, you will see 12 months worth of figures using the projected purchase month as period 1. If you run the cash flow reports for all property's, the report will be based on your fiscal year.

    Added the Ownership section to the Analyzer. This allows for more than one Joint Venture Partner, and permits ownership to transfer to portfolio if the property is bought, thereby ensuring proper allocation of downpayment etc in your portfolio cashflow tracking.

    Split out deposits in the Analyzer Expense section so they show up separately and can be tracked. This also will determine cash required on a purchase more accurately.

    Added the ability in Toolkit to zip and email your database file to us at Remasoft to help when evaluating questions you have for us.

    Added a Notes section in the Analyzer, in the Due Diligence section.

    Modified the Tenancy and Suite screens so a "tracked by property" property shows the suite description screen before going to the revenue screen. This allows access to suite description data such as 'postdated cheques'.

    Fixed a dating issue in Analyzer relating to Down Payment and Closing Costs placement in the Analyzer Cashflow report.


    December 3, 2007 update version 2.0.86

    Modified the way the database update program runs

    Clicking on the Red X in the top right hand corner will generate a warning message similar to the one that appears when you click Cancel providing you haven't overridden the setting in Preferences

    Added screen tips regarding where to input Staying Power Fund amounts.


    November 28, 2007 update version 2.0.85

    Stopped completed reminders from showing up on start-up

    Stopped blank reminder grids from showing on program start-up

    Added "Private Awards Please" indicator in Preferences and on the 17-3 Report

    Changed the Calculator to Microsoft's version


    November 26, 2007 update version 2.0.84

    Repaired the link between the Fiscal Period and the Reporting/Grid monthly headings


    November 22, 2007 update version 2.0.83

    We found an error in some old data that wasn't getting fixed by the update program that runs when you download an update. The update program has been fixed.


    November 21, 2007 update version 2.0.82

    You may now Copy an Analyzed Property including any/or all revenue and expense items you choose


    November 16, 2007 update version 2.0.81

    The ability to print the Goldmine Scorecard has been added

    An overridden mortgage payment stays in the Analyzer


    November 14, 2007 update version 2.0.80

    A new Start up screen has been added. Soon to be duplicated throughout!

    The Preferences section has been re-done.

    The Tax Roll # has been increased in size to 25 characters from 15

    An error referring to Modal and Non-Modal forms that showed up when you ran the Quik-Link Manager has been fixed

    New fields have been added to the Analyzer Expense section re income % or flat amts

    The mortgage paydown amount in the 5 year ROI part of the Analyzer is now correct

    If you override the mortgage payment in the Analyzer, the monthly and annual calculations are correct

    The prevailing cap rate and market value calculations relating to the cap rate only show up for multi-family properties in the Analyzer module

    The Database compacts automatically when you exit – choice greyed out for now in Preferences – will remove both compact and backup choices


    October 20, 2007 update version 2.0.64

    The calculation of Cash on Cash and Cash on Cash Plus in the Analyzer has been corrected

    2 new fields have been added in the Ownership section for future use regarding cash calls and cash flow participation


    October 17, 2007 update version 2.0.63

    You can set in Preferences a way to override the Deal Number in the Property table.

    If you override a mortgage amount in Analyzer, the "Calculate Principal as a % of" field will revert to zero so as not to recalculate the mortgage amount

    Any system defined Revenue/Expense codes that the system cannot find are now automatically created for you. The warning messages that some of you have seen in the past will not appear any more.

    New entry in the Links to Helpful Websites:

    New Rental Income entry under CRA section


    October 9, 2007 update version 2.0.62

    This update contains corrections and enhancements to the Analyzer and the "Transfer an Analyzed Property to your Portfolio" procedure.

    The way that mortgage payments are calculated now match the bank's way if you choose any payment frequency but monthly.

    Interest Only mortgages now have a correct current value and transfer into your portfolio as an interest only mortgage

    Where Interest Only mortgages/loans were calculating a mortgage paydown, this is now fixed

    Where revenue transferred from Analyzer on a "Track by Suite" property was putting in the wrong revenue figure, this is now fixed

    The "Staying Power" entry in the Revenue/Expense codes table has been moved to the Expense category from Acquisitions

    The Yield report now includes legal costs in the Capital Costs (Book Value) field

    Data file backup options:

    -You may now choose your own Backup Locations - a system backup location accessed thru Preferences and an on-demand backup accessed thru Toolkit.

    -The system backup location is used automatically every time you exit the program.

    -The on-demand backup allows you to save a copy of your data in another spot detemined by you - useful when you are unsure as to what the program will do in certain situations and you want to backup your data in case you need to restore it!

    -Restoring means simply draggin the back-up file into the REMA Program Folder and allowing it to over-write your existing data file (Rema.mdb) if in My Portfolio or the sample database file (RemaSmpl.mdb) if you are in the sample user.

    There are some new colors in the Reminder Report screens - Green for completed reminders and Red for past due reminders. And a new 'No current Reminder pop-up message' when you click on Reminder Reports in categories where no Reminders are currently due.

    New entries in the Links to Helpful Websites:

    New category - Canadian Revenue Agency (Revenue Canada)

    Completing Form T776, Statement of Real Estate Rentals:

    In the REIN Category added:

    New category for REMA website & forum:


    17-3 Report enhancements:

    -This Report now opens in the PDF reader

    -The revenue amount now comes from your 'Full Occupancy at Market Rents entry in Property Details

    -REIN Email address now displayed on the Report for you

    -Next version will have this Report able to email directly to REIN from within REMA without having to type in the REIN email address

    -Fiscal Period Reporting enhancements for those of you with fiscal periods not same as the Calendar year, including a feature that your Analyzed properties' cashflow reports will now match up to your fiscal year.

    And- all User reported bugs to-date are fixed in this new version.


    It also adds in the ability to modify the structure of your database as needed. If an update to your database is required, the next time you open REMA you will see a pop-up window with a message indicating that your database has been successfully updated. None of your existing data is affected.

    Any bugs that have been reported since the last update have been fixed and are incorporated into this version. All of the REMA report files are included in this update.

    To ensure you see all the above text, click on Format and make sure 'Word Wrap' is checked.

    Click on the 'X' in the top right corner of this window to complete the update.

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