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     I attended the basic 3-day real estate investment seminar by the Rich Dad Education group the other weekend.  Although I thought the overall program gave me a decent overview of the different possible strategies I can use for investing, I don't feel that I was equipped with enough tools to actually implement any of them yet.  I guess that's why they push the advanced courses which I did not sign up for yet.

    I want to see what my options are for education here in Canada (Ontario) before taking the next step in terms of investing my money for the best course for me.  I don't believe that any one group whether Rich Dad or even REIN has total exclusitivity on real estate investment knowledge.

    What are people's opinions, especially those who have actually taken any of the following possible courses?

    Advanced Rich Dad courses

    Real Estate Investment Courses by Najtav Chandhoke

    REIN's ACRE seminars

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     Education is very important! But nothing can replace experience, either your own or your mentors.
    Start small, focus on cash-flow, read a lot of books, talk to a lot of people who have done exactly what you are thinking of doing. ACRE is a must because: the system that you will learn, the people that you are going to meet, the understanding that this is serious business and you must think about it in a very serious way.
    It is all possible and doable. Combine doing with learning.

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  • richardkp

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    We started by reading the ACRE book by Don. Once I had this it made perfect sense to go to ACRE weekend and then of course to join REIN as the event is free.
    Don't confuse the course fee that you pay for the quality you will get!!
    REIN ACRE is great as there is no "sell" just a system and support to get to you to take action. I know a little of the Rich Dad courses and I know that they can't say that!

    My opinion - ACRE is the best so why try another.

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  • GaryMcGowan

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    I have done a number of Real Estate Courses. I continue to stay with REIN because of the true value that I receive and the network of people that have real estate experience. 
    Here is a link to a thread on this forum about the Rich Dad course.

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    I fully agree with all of the above post. REIN membership is best education you will get. I am REIN member from almost three years and bought more than 40 properties but in each monthly meetin I always learn some new thing. There is two fold education system here one is REIN educator and other part is fellow REIN members. My suggestion please come to one of REIN meeting (Paid)  or even mastermind meeting (Free) and after that take the decision.

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  • invst4profit

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    There is plenty more to learn about this business outside of motivational courses.
    You also need to learn the Ontario Business regulations regarding rental properties as well. Study the RTA and LTB web sites and consider joining the Ontario landlord association forum if you really want to learn the business beyond investing.


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    The easier they make it sound, the more difficult it is to execute.  The "more work" the course seems to have, the easier it is to execute.  that's why these "0 down" deals sound great on surface but requires alot of "experience" and reasonable expectations.  Great prices come with least favorable terms and Great terms usually comes with less favorable prices.

    Hence these course that sound "so easy" require lots of experience or "extra coaches" to help walk your through the deal.

    Another issue is this:  If you're a "Seminar junkie"  and have taken many courses, the problem isn't the course, it's YOU and your ineffective mindset. 
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    Hi Clint,

    What I can tell you about the ACRE program and REIN members is that over the past 20 years of educating real estate investors across the country and the globe, members have purchased over $3.4 billion in Canadian cash flow real estate. That number certainly says something for a system that gives you the tools and confidence to go out and take real action.

    If you want to learn a bit more about the ACRE program, check out There are are four events each year, and this spring they will be in Calgary on March 17-18 and in Toronto on April 14-15. If you have any questions, you can always contact our office by phone at 1-888-824-7346 or by e-mail at Cheers!

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  • Tibo

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    I did the ACRE Program in Toronto in spring 2008 and it was fantastic. I attended the course and every one wants you to succeed. I felt no pressure to sign up for anything. REIN wants you to be successful. Now I also attended the Rich Dad last September and felt the opposite. They made me feel like I knew nothing. I had 18 units buy that time. The guy sat me down and ask if I cashflowed (3 six plex that i already bought using the REIN). About $50 a door he told me to sell and take some courses. He failed to ask me how I buy my investments , like expenses vs revenue and vac rate, property management and repairs. I don't like people that tell me that I did wrong without showing me where I can improve. Anyways By the end of April I will have a part time employee 35 doors and still cash flowing. Thanks to REIN's ACRE course and the fact that I can pull the trigger when I see a good deal. Thanks REIN
  • Nir

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    over the past 20 years of educating real estate investors across the country and the globe, members have purchased over $3.4 billion in Canadian cash flow real estate. That number certainly says something for a system that gives you the tools and confidence to go out and take real action. 
    REIN is actually much better than that. I find that $3.4 Billion figure funny every time. I know Don is using it a lot. Here is why: let's say REIN had a total of 20,000 different members in the past 20 years. (some stayed for 2 years some longer). so 3.4B divided by 20,000 members = only $170K RE purchased per member!
    That's not much, not sure it's even more than RE purchase per person in the population :)
    Perhaps an indication that, at least in the past, many REIN members unfortunately have not purchased any RE and other top members purchased much more than average. 3.4B is a big number but when divided by the number of REIN members in the past 20 years (whether 10K, 20K or 30K) it's actually very little per person/member. REIN is much better than that :) 

  • lanedry77

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    Hi Clint,

    We've done about $8,500,000 of properties in the past 4.5 years since joining REIN.  It may be the thing with the single biggest impact on our lives that we've ever done.

    If you're serious about investing, it's a great decision.


  • ClintL

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    Thanks for all your replies do far folks.  I'm currently attending a real estate expo here in Toronto this weekend and got to sit in on talks by Russell W. from REIN, Najtav Chandhoke as well as a few other 'experts'.  Although all have validity so far, I'm getting the best vibe from REIN so far so it's almost sure that I will attend the next ACRE event.  

  • Tibo

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  • ClintL

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     Savannah Ross' talk also was quite interesting!  Anybody want to comment on her program?
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