Prime -0.50% for the Mckenzies!

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    And I am sure that most of you are aware of the challenges that we faced early in our Real Estate Investing Careers which nearly shut us down for good. But inspite of it all we still chose to soldier on to create a significant portfolio. At the time, I thought that I would finance some of the purchases with higher interest alternative lenders in the belief that our situation would improve and we could refinance them. And while we had credit challenges ever since, I really didn't expect to get Great Financing until now.

    In two refinances, we were qualified for two 80% plus loan to value mortgages at an interest rate of prime -0.50%! They are both step mortgages which is Tremendous! On One of the properties in Barrie had 3 mortgages on it and you can imagine that the monthly interest rates was as high as 12% on the 2nd & 3rd. So our new mortgage broker qualified us for this great financing and we are able to refinance all three into one. Do you know what that's going to do to our cash flow? Well our total mortgage payment is now cut in half! That is a very big improvement. laugh.gif

    And who may you ask has done this for us? I gotta tell you, I really mistakenly under estimated this mortgage brokers ability.

    This is the most impressive mortgage broker that I have worked with so far:

    Catherine Harding
    Dominion Lending
    Unit 4 - 4171 Innisfil Beach Road,
    Thornton, Ontario
    L0L 2N0
    Phone 705-458-3011
    Fax 705-458-3015

    This P.K. Approved Mortgage Brokering for REIN Members Really Really Works! cool.gif

    The one and only........Jules Mckenzie
    Having fun, making money, making a difference!
    Barrie/Orillia Pager # 1-888-224-5857

    New Cell # 1-705-330-1879

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    First of all congratulations!

    Secondly, Catherine is a pillar of power! She has been a great contact for me as well since meeting with her two ACRE events ago as we sat down to go through my 5 year Plan. Catherine has a lot of her own insights knowledge and I am sure many members can benefit!

    Give her a call.
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