Tenant Eviction

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     Hi there,

    I was just wondering about the Alberta Tenancy/Landlord rules?  Are the rules set by CMHC and the Alberta Tenancy Act written in stone?  I remember listening to the REIN CD's and hearing Jarod Hope talk about long-term leases and not needing a good reason for evicting the tenant or needing a 3 month notice.  Here's my scenario; I want to sell one of my houses that is currently occupied by a tenant.  We gave her 1 month notice to vacate and find another place.  We offered to help her to find a new place in anyway possible because she has been a good tenant for the past 14 months.  Our reason for evicting her is not personal by any means.  We need the place empty for some upgrades we can't do with her living there.  I would love and advice from Property Managers or Experts in this area.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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