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     I recently visited our property in Edmonton and found that one of the dogs (that is authorized on our lease) at the house is dangerous, or at the least aggressive. I have grown up with dogs, and have a large lab at home, so can't say I have ever felt threatened by a dog until this last weekend.
    The dog, an unneutered pitbull-mastiff jumped up and growled at both my partner and I. I don't want to stereotype the dog as it's one of the tenants poor dog owning skills that has me more frustrated. But what I do want to do is have a handle on the situation, and provide some sort of written warning to the tenants about the dog.
    I spoke with another tenant in the house while I was visiting and she also expressed frustration for the other tenant and her dog; the two tenants are friends.

    Has anyone had the experience with aggressive dogs?
    What have you done to solve this?

    Thanks in advance!
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