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    Hi All
    I learned, or should I say relearned, a lesson today. I've been kind of hit and miss on writing cover letters with my offers. Usually my deals involve a la carte, non MLS, properties or I know the sellers' realtor or there is some type of relationship that I rely on so I don't bother with a cover letter.

    A few days ago, I wrote on an apartment block in Red Deer. Now, these things don't grow on trees and there were obviously several interested parties. I knew I would have to do something to distinguish myself from the herd so I wrote a cover letter with my offer. Nothing fancy, just a letter very similar to the examples Russell provided in his JV presentation. I also put a note on the bottom stating that as long as the property is clear and clean, I have always been able to close any property that I remove conditions on (The "I won't leave you standing at the alter" clause).

    As of this morning, my offer has been accepted. The sellers' realtor told my realtor that the letter gave the seller confidence in me and my offer and felt comfortable working with me. They had put off several viewings and held off several suitors to work with my offer exclusively.

    So I just want to encourage all of you to be sure and include cover letters with ALL your offers. They really do make all the difference and are so easy to do, there is really no reason not to use them. I had to relearn this valuable lesson. Learn from my mistake. I will never write another offer without a cover letter again, even if it is to my brother!!!
    Happy investing
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