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  • Forum Post: *** Sandwich Lease with a Tenant/Buyer.. Few Questions? ***

    Hello, In the situation where you are placing a Tenant/Buyer into a property where you are not on TITLE, because you have a Lease Option with the Seller with the intent of going out and finding a Tenant/Buyer for his property. (Sandwich Lease) What exact steps does an investor take to see this deal through...
  • Forum Post: First RTO ad for nice property under AFS, Help please!!

    Hi Rein folks. Wondering if you could critique my ad for a property we've just acquired under AFS. To tell you the truth this is an extremely nice property with all the bells and whistles, and we are a little bit over our heads in marketing to more upper class RTO clientele. We are most likely appealing...
  • Forum Post: Re: need some help with forms and structure of quickturn deal in ontario

    Mike, Doing an AFS means the house is sold with seller financing and you are legally obligated to make the payments and cash him out when it comes to closing time. Doing a sandwich lease means less security for the seller as you are not obligated to exercise your option to purchase. Sandwich lease gives...
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