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  • Forum Post: commercial insurance

    Hello to all last year I bought one rental with my husband I had already a commercial insurance insurance in place covering other rentals . The insurance underwriter refused to add the one I own with my husband onto my commercial insurance. The explanation they give is that the title ownership is different...
  • Forum Post: Insurance for student rentals

    Can anyone suggest an insurer for a student rental for six students in Hamilton?
  • Forum Post: Fire Next Door

    Here is a true story... You submit an offer on a house you love and the offer gets accepted!!! You do your home inspection and everything passes with flying colours. Now you just wait for the closing date to arrive. But in the meantime, you want to have a visit to the property to take some measurements...
  • Forum Post: Re: Flood help

    I've also had a 4 plex flooded in High River. Got access for first time today. It is insured by Park ... and apparently has Flood Insurance. Any tips on how to handle this mess. Lower suites are destroyed. I have not hired anyone to assist in the clean up yet. I'm logging into myreinspace for...
  • Forum Post: Re: Interprovincial Insuarance Brokers

    Depending on your province, you will probably find that using a REIN Insurance company (Park Insurance or Hub) will give you best coverage for your rentals - even if they don't do your automotive. That what I have found and that is what I do. I buy my insurance based on coverage not convenience....
  • Forum Post: Re: Tenant charged in house fire

    Good Share! Should be a part of every Member's "Tenant Welcome Package" and provides another reason why the tenant MUST have tenant insurance before they get the keys to the property. NO EXCEPTIONS! Don
  • Forum Post: Re: Do we really have to spend thousands if not 10's of thousands upon purchasing older buildings now?

    One thing I can say for sure is make sure you are using the REIN Insurance program developed exclusively for us by Park Insurance and Hub Insurance. They are much more understanding of the reality of the market and the special case that investors are (vs home owners). For Instance:
  • Forum Post: Request for Property Inspection Report by Insurance Company

    We had a request for the home inspection report from an insurance company. It was specific to a question regarding plumbing and the roof as we did not know the age of the roof when applying for insurance. Would you give your property inspection report to an insurance company?
  • Forum Post: 60 Amp Service in 4plex

    I am looking at two 4plexs in Red Deer that was built in 1988. The property cash flows very well, but the inspection last week revealed that there is only 60 amp service in each suite. Is it difficult to get proper insurance on suites like this? My electrician feels that 60 amps is ok in a multi-suite...
  • Forum Post: Insurance for Multifamily Building

    Hi Folks: I will be closing on my first Multifamily Building mid April and think I will need some Title Insurance, Rent Insurance, Building Insurance...ect. Any one know a good source for this? Please advise. Cheers, Dean Office (604)9448984
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