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  • Forum Post: Going to Rapid Cashflow Program event in Toronto next week. (From Red Deer)

    Anyone from Alberta going to the RCP event in Toronto next week? I am flying out Tuesday and attending the T.O. monthly workshop for first time on Thursday then the RCP on the weekend. Looking forward to it.
  • Forum Post: Accountant referral in Red Deer, who specializes in Real Estate investors

    Can anybody recommend a good accountant and book keeper who specializes in "Real Estate investors" in Red Deer? I have a decent accountant, but at the largest firm in town, is costing us a lot, and she doesn't have any rental investor clients or knowledge of unique circumstances, so I think...
  • Forum Post: Seeking Red Deer Realtor

    Hi All, We have a couple of Japanese investors coming to Canada in January for a familiarisation tour. They represent a group of more than 1700 real estate investors in Japan (Asia Pacific Home Owners Club) and will be presenting an investment seminar in Japan on Feb. 7th. We're looking to show a...
  • Forum Post: Contractor reference needed

    Hi .. Has anyone dealt with Alair Homes. Did they perform to your expectations or hopefully outperform your expectations? Did you have any issues? They mostly work in BC and Alberta. Thanks Mike
  • Forum Post: 60 Amp Service in 4plex

    I am looking at two 4plexs in Red Deer that was built in 1988. The property cash flows very well, but the inspection last week revealed that there is only 60 amp service in each suite. Is it difficult to get proper insurance on suites like this? My electrician feels that 60 amps is ok in a multi-suite...
  • Forum Post: Re: Red Deer Secondary Suites (Licensing)

    For the sake of completeness, I thought I'd post what has happened over the last 2 months. A well attended public hearing occurred in the beginning of January. Many suite owners attended and spoke, as well as many letters sent in. I think administration was surprised at the number of responses that...
  • Forum Post: Re: Red Deer Secondary Suites (Licensing)

    Hi all, A reminder that comments to the Inspections and Licensing Dep't are due by Dec 21. I suggest you send them anyways if you are late and you can also email them to the above councillors. Red Deer is the first in the province to pursue this license and chats with Edmonton and Calgary dep'ts...
  • Forum Post: Alberta Up Close

    Albertans enjoy a very high quality of life. They enjoy the lowest overall taxes in Canada with among the highest level of services. They have the highest disposable incomes in Canada and the lowest unemployment rate in Canada. Take a look at the rest on . Riz Gulamhussein
  • Forum Post: Red Deer Secondary Suites (Licensing)

    Greetings all, For those of you who have survived the secondary suite process in Red Deer, I congratulate you. There were no grants, the rules changed several times after the applications were in, and it occurred during an uncertain and trying economic time. Being a member of the Secondary Suite Committee...
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