selling half a duplex how does it work with common items : roof - cladding ....

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    I'm selling half a duplex and got an offer in. The buyer wants to include a clause in the agreement for purchase and sale  that when the roof needs to be changed that each owner (I'm still owner of the other side) will be resposible for 50% of the cost. 

    I do have some concerns. How do you put this exactly in writing and should I put this in the agreement of sale. A simple clause in the  Agreement of purchase and sale doesn't seems to cover enough (to my opinion). Like who decides when a new roof is needed , what if the other side wants to upgrade to a  metal roof etc.... What if his roof leaks and mine is still ok? What if they are negligent and don't maintain. 

    Any suggestions 

    Thank you for your input and have a nice day 

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