Two leaks in basement

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    Our tenant told us of a leak in the basement of a house we recently bought so we had a basement company go out to the house to do a quote. They came back with a quote of $7000 to dig out around the house and add weeping tile. It's a big cost we didn't expect. Another company said they would only go out to the house if we first remove the drywall in the basement. 

    We are planning to cut open the drywall near the leak to see if the problem can be identified. Is there anything we need to consider when doing this related to cutting open the drywall and possible removing some of the insulation? The house was built in 1940.

    Just this week, our tenant mentioned that there is a leak in another area of the basement as well. I believe that the first quote didn't account for the second leak and would not resolve it since it's in another area and not right beside the first leak. 

    At the moment we aren't sure of the nature of the leak, if it's only leaking at the basement floor or if the wall is also wet, etc. We only know that there are two separate places where the leaks occur. Can anyone offer advice?
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