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  1. Tina Myrvang

    Fully Renovated CASH FLOWING Legally Suited House for SALE in Millwoods

    Hello, It is always best to include a phone number or email for investors to contact you. Have a great day.
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    I need help!

    How to take emotion out of your real estate.
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    Amendment to BC Residential Tenancy Act

    The B.C. government on May 17, 2018 amended the Residential Tenancy Act to require landlords to give tenants four months’ notice to end a tenancy in order to demolish, renovate or repair the dwelling. Previously, landlords could evict a tenant for those reasons by giving two months’ notice...
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    Email me what you want me to post to with your area of expertise etc.

    Email me what you want me to post to with your area of expertise etc.
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    The Everyday Millionaire

    Episode 34 with Dan Hare, DAN HARE, A CURIOUS MIND AND A MUSICAL HEART Please click HERE.
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    links not opening

    As I said before in another post, you are not a REIN member so you do not have access to our Knowledge Vault, the link works - you don't have log ins. If you are interested in becoming a member, please feel free to call me at 888-824-7346. Have a fabulous day.
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    Online Copy of CDs

    You are not a REIN member so you do not have any access to our downloads.
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    Not getting emails from Forums

    IF you request an email from a post you must check that option off when you are making your post.
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    Accountant Recommendation in Nanaimo or Parksvile Area

    Hi Mike, With technology and couriers you could do all your meeting remotely and email or courier your documents. They are who I would recommend.
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    Accountant Recommendation in Nanaimo or Parksvile Area

    I do! Please read George Dube's blog. He works at BDO and is a real estate investors. We have him on stage all the time. BDO is across Canada. Please read George's blog on whether to incorporate HERE. Have a great day.
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    RBC Economics: : Housing Commentary "Foreign buyers now play a larger role in Ottawa than the GTA"

    Highlights of the report: The Greater Toronto Area is no longer the housing market where foreign buyers hold the largest sway after Metro Vancouver and Victoria. That title now goes to Ottawa, based on residential transactions between November 18, 2017, and February 16, 2018. But foreign buyers...
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    Welcome Celia

    Welcome Celia
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    $1,000 + / Month Positive Cashflow!

    Hello rob, Is this still available?
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    Student Rentals/Housing in Vancouver

    Are you a landlord to students? Globe and Mail would like to interview a couple of landlords who invest in student housing in Vancouver. If you are interested email me at Thanks for your help.
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    Multifamily in Edmonton

    I agree 100%.
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    RBC Monthly Housing Update April 2018

    Stress test-generated volatility raises near-term housing market risks Link to the full report To view, print and download the new report, click on the following link:
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    is anyone investing in thunder bay?

    This is a very old post. You might want to make a new one more current.
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    Discount Real Estate Brokers - Good or Bad?

    Always remember you get what you pay for!
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    Is This Kitchener Offering A Good Deal For 1st Time Investor?

    Hello Mak, I would reach out to ClintL through a conversation below his post. This post is old and he might not still get notifications on the post.
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    Mortgage rates too good to be true? CanWise Financial

    REIN Finance Department - Call 1-844-411-8463 or e-mail