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    JV opportunity in Vancouver

    JV opportunity to invest in a proven 5-plex in one of Vancouver’s most vibrant neighborhoods! We have owned this property for 12 years and have done extensive upgrades over the years to maximize rents and minimize expenses. Property is a walkers paradise and as such we have never had a vacancy...
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    In BC I have used the other tenants 'right to quiet and reasonable enjoyment' in the residential tenancy bylaws successfully. This hasn't been tested in court either but have used it with kid gloves and a cool head and it fixed the problem. One tenant left peacefully, the other stopped...
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    Property Analyser required simple in excel spreadsheet

    Could I have a copy as well? Thanks.
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    RTO lease rate question...

    Thanks everyone. I am still a little vague on what the number actually represents but I will play with the spreadsheet and numbers and see if I can get a feel for it. Tyson
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    RTO lease rate question...

    Greetings: I have been trying to get my head wrapped around all of the calculations used on investment analyses of RTO deals. One calculation I can`t figure out is the lease payment`. some RTO deals use a rate of .007`.Is there a formula for how this is calculated. I have read most of the...
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    Fan of HGTV? Watch my webisode!

    Hi Mat: Nice video...and nice chalk line! How does it work and where do I get one? Thanks, Tyson
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    Time to renovate!

    We renovated our own personal kitchen a year ago. In Vancouver we have a number of kitchen stores that sell Chinese made cabinets which are easily found on Google or Cragslist etc. The price difference compared to Home Depot was amazing....less than half price!....and Home Depot stuff comes...