12 Unit Apartment Building - Regina Saskatchewan!

Keaton Wlaz

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Apr 9, 2018
Hey Everyone,

Currently have a great 12 unit apartment building under contract in Regina, Saskatchewan. Minimum investment required is $125,000 per shareholder. Projected ROI is 17%. The Terms Upon refinance or sale of the property partners first receive their principal back, and then receive 56% of profits over and above. Investors receive quarterly updates and cash flow distributions will be made quarterly. Title will be held via Corporation with all parties named.

The deal is structure that all money partners paid back their initial capital contribution by year 5. Investors are paid through cash flow and at year 5 the remainder is paid back in full through the refinance. Once investors are paid back in full they maintain their 56% share holder ownership position throughout. The managing partners share of 44% does not apply until initial investor principal is paid back in full.

Regina’s real estate market is strong, and presents a terrific opportunity in the coming 18 months. RBC has Real GDP growth for Saskatchewan at 2.9% for 2018 and 2.5% for 2019, tops in Canada thanks to greater momentum in the manufacturing sector, rising oil prices and a recovery from weather related weakness in agriculture production. Regina and Saskatoon share the distinction of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in Canada, and Regina has the highest international migration growth rate for the second year in a row. 4,200 jobs were created in Saskatchewan over the span of one month (February to March 2018) – the highest percentage in the provinces.

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