Any commercial investors looking for property in AB?

Michel Lafleur

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Apr 30, 2015
Working with other Realtors and investors in & around the Edmonton area, I have found a few commercial opportunities that are out of my reach (big projects requiring more time & capital than I have.)
Im wondering if anyone on here may be interested in some of these opportunities? If so, please contact me and I'd be happy to discuss these opportunities with you further.

A) 78 unit multi-family building in Northern AB. Its a 40 suite apartment + 38 townhouses. Seller is asking $85k/door and would hold seller financing for a few years while the investors do improvements, raise rents, etc. before securing new financing. This is clear title so the seller is making >$30k/month cashflow even with vacancies. As such, for seller financing his expectation would be a large deposit (>$1M), at least enough to replace his passive income for the few years before new financing is obtained.

B) >100 unit hotel (+restaurant & lounge and 34 of the units have kitchenettes) on >6 acres of prime land along the Yellowhead Highway (HWY 16). This site has enough room to add another 100 suites, or you could choose to keep it as parking (clients are primarily oil & gas or truckers, so the extra parking is valuable.) Again, clear title so creative financing may be an option with a sizeable down payment. NOI is currently >$1.1M/year.

C) CB1 commercial redevelopment site (~557 m2) on Stony Plain road, which will have the future valley line LRT right in front of it. There is an Area Redevelopment Plan in place for this neighborhood, so some assistance may be available from the city for the redevelopment. This would be good for office/retail/professional space. Seller is asking $825k. The seller is retiring (wants to pull his $$ out), but may be open to something creative on a shorter timeline.