Are you looking to expand your portfolio in BC's last affordable rental market?

Doug Meyers

Doug Meyers
REIN Member
Feb 26, 2018
British Columbia
Hello REIN Members,

I have a property in Prince George that I am seeking a Joint Venture Equity Partner on. This is an off-market offering and the numbers on this property are strong: gross rents of $4500 with an ask price of $499,000, which means cash flow will be solid. The property has been recently renovated throughout so anticipated maintenance costs will be low for the first years of ownership to come.

I'm still in the due diligence process with this property, but initial signs point to a quality opportunity in BC's uncovered gem. Prince George is the largest city in Northern BC and is known as the "gateway to the north". A city of approximately 75,000 that continues to grow slowly but steadily, has started to see property values climb over recent years. That being said, property is still affordable for investors in our category, where duplexes and triplexes can be found in the $275-$500k range and rents provide good cash-flow returns. I own multiple properties in the city and have enjoyed low vacancy, strong rents, and passive appreciation in the 8% range on property values since 2013.

If the area is of interest to you for your investment purposes I'd love to hear from you to discuss your intent, investment goals, and to get to know if a partnership together will be mutually beneficial.

Doug Meyers