Barrie Investment Opportunities!


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Good Morning Rein!

It’s been an action packed weekend of negotiating on not one, but TWO properties under contract AND under asking in Barrie, Ontario! We are currently in our 6 day conditional period and we are seeking a Financial JV to hold the mortgage and invest the required capital for the down-payment, closing costs, and renovation and share in the 38% ROI with a 30-70 split.

The plan for both of these properties looks like this:
Purchase property securing an 80% LTV mortgage.

Creating a Legal Secondary unit in the basement.

Refinancing and paying Investor capital back.

Own & run the property for a term of 5 years with possible extension if JV’s agree.

Upon a sale or further refinance – Financial JV would receive remaining capital back before profits are split.

Barrie is a top rated city set for continual growth over the next 5 years.

Attached is property analysis for both.

Feel Free to reach out and set up a further strategic Investor call for more information. Text or email is a preferred method of contact. Information is listed below

I look forward to hearing from you!

Kelly Caldwell
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