Boxing Week Deal! Want to BE the Bank and collect $1,667/ month on CASHFLOW?

Colin Zwicker

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Nov 7, 2016
Happy Holidays Fellow Investors!

I have a great opportunity for you to make your money work for you 24/7!

Do you have TFSA, LOC or CASH in GIC? Don't let your bank make money for them.
Why not BE the bank and make YOUR MONEY work for YOU!

Here's an opportunity for you to EARN 14% interest on your money!
Borrow on your line of credit and make money on the bank's money

$50- 100k is needed and only a 12 month term!!!

After one year, your capital and interest will be repaid at refinance.
Funds will be used for renos on our buy and hold properties.

Thanks for looking! If you want to know more, ask HOW!

Colin Zwicker