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Aug 30, 2007
1. I went to install the software and it asked for a license key. I didn`t have one so I left it blank and subsequently it told me that my version would be an evaluation only version. How do I get a fully functional copy of the software?
Answer- Your version is fully functional. The message is only to tell you that is not a paid for product. Fill in your name and email address to make the Feedback module function properly.

2. Downloading & Installing when REMA tells me that my system has files that are out of date

Question- I have downloaded the Rema Canada File and the update into my Program Files as noted, but when I try to go through the setup it keeps telling me that there are files out of date on my system. Do you know is this a problem with my computer or the Rema file? I am using XP and the message I get is `system files out of date on your system` and then it asks if I want them to be updated and I say yes, but after I reboot it just goes to the same spot and does the same thing.

Answer- If you have done the reboot after the "system files out of date" message and you are still having the same issue, check to see what service pack for Windows XP you have by doing the following. Click on Start, Control Panel – then double-click on System. It will say under the General Tab which service pack you are running. You should be on Service Pack 2.

If you find that you are not on Service Pack 2 you can get it by doing the following: Click on Start then Help and Support. When the Help screen opens up, click on "Keep your computer up-to-date with Windows Update". Allow Windows to update your computer. It may take a number of reboots to finish. One of the updates it should try to install is Service Pack 2 as well as many security updates.