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Jan 19, 2017
I have an exceptional tenant in a three bedroom bungalow in Fort Sask. As live goes their Daughter, Husband and two kids, soon to be three, now on one income cannot afford the place they live in so they are moving in with Mom & Dad, my tenants, until my tenants lease expires at the end of April. They have asked me if I could find them a home with 4-5 bedrooms in the same area since it meets all their needs. I found a house, have it under contract, they viewed it and will be happy with it. My previous JV who had expressed interest has had to withdraw support for personal family reasons.
This is a great property, fantastic location, need minimal R&M, Solid tenants who want to keep us as Landlords (RENTAL HOUSING PROVIDERS) Already have a lease signed for financing purpose only but tenant will likely agree to a two year lease, property will cash flow with tenants paying all utilities.
I would really like to help this family out so if anyone would be willing to be a money JV and share in the profits please contact me @: dr.invest17@gmail.com