Kamloops 72 Unit Apartment Building


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Dec 6, 2007
Currently seeking Accredited Investors* for a 5 year deal. Our projections predict up to 115% in 5 years, possibly more given how the Kamloops market is catching fire.

– Where people go, money flows. Many commuters from Vancouver area are now living in Kamloops, we meet more every day.
– Kamloops population growth has outpaced national average (2016 Census).
– #2 medium sized city in BC, and 6th largest of 100 overall (2016 Census).
– #5 on a top REIN investment town list is Kamloops.
– #1 growth city in Canada is Kamloops (U-Haul).
– Kamloops has a diverse economy, not dependent on a single resource.
– Twinning of the Kinder Morgan pipeline will bring 600-800 jobs for 2 years.
– Recent announcement of $417 Million hospital expansion to bring 2,400 jobs.
– Thompson Rivers University (25,000 students) is rapidly expanding (100s of new seats annually).
– 5000 more jobs were added in 2017 according to labour study, this is normal economic growth without any major projects hitting yet.
– There are currently extremely low vacancy rates in Kamloops without enough new supply being built.
- The residential market has just entered a seller's market, months of inventory are at 30 year lows, we are on the cusp of big increases in price.

This building is in great shape and is in a great market, this might be one of few remaining opportunities to get into a cash flowing investment before Kamloops catches up with Victoria or Kelowna. The availability of buildings like this in a Canadian town with an upside is becoming exceedingly rare. Two buildings just sold for $144K/door, and we are paying significantly less than that. In fact the appraisal is higher than our accepted offer, so you’ll be excited to join our elite group of investors with money made right out of the gate!

Minimum investment is $125,000, max is $375,000, funds due by Feb 27th, details at http://www.mclarenperren.com or call/text Sam 250.299.4285.

Feature Sheet available here.

* Only Accredited Investors are eligible for this offer as per definition available at our website: www.mclarenperren.com
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