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New Builds, 50% ROI +

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by Caleb West, Apr 16, 2017.

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    Our new build program is the first of its kind, partner with a new build strategy and avoid the unknown repair bills that plague everyone in real estate and the fears of unexpected bills. Qualify for the mortgage, provide a portion of the down payment or even all the funds required. The photo attached shows a $400K Build, with 100K down and a $500K sale price, this mirrors a duplex build popular in the Edmonton area. If youre interested let us know, we have a 5-6 month build time, we provide a new home warranty and the dynamic is all about growing together with a common unity; help others get where they want to be first, and you'll always find yourself where you want to be. Splits are 30/30 and 40% to the JV fund which will be used on the next project.

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    You can check us out on Facebook, at or on our YouTube channel


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    Check us out at ,our YouTube Channel or on Facebook at Seed Builders

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