Proposed Changes by Service Alberta to the Condominium Act

Tina Myrvang

Client Care Specialist
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Nov 15, 2010
Attached is information regarding a proposed change by Service Alberta to the Condominium Act.
Below is a letter template that should be sent to the enclosed list of MLA's in Alberta.

This information was provided by KDM Management to a condo corporation that I am a board member on.

I suggest that all landlords should take action to dispute the proposed amendment as it will have huge and costly implications for all condo owners.

June **, 2016


Dear MLA:

I am a constituent and owner of a condominium at and am very concerned about proposed amendments to the Condominium Property Act, R.S.A. 2000 c. C-22. It has been suggested by a representative of Service Alberta, the new amendments will prevent a condominium corporation from charging back costs against a unit until after the corporation has received a judgement.

I would strongly urge you to be aware of many owners concerns and in fact position yourself to maintain status quo in this regard. Currently Condominium Boards are able to recoup costs actually incurred when an errant owner blatantly disregards certain bylaws and causes the corporation to incur expenses due to the breach or through their own disregard and lack of respect for common property.

The proposed amendments will eliminate this power and ultimately place the cost on the remaining owners. While there may be a possibility of using the legal system for judgement that cost in itself would be born by people like me and would not guarantee status in any claim or lien the way the current act does.

To avoid substantial increases in the amount of files seen by the Provincial Court as a result of any change and to protect current bylaw abiding owners like myself, please be aware of the need to keep the act the way it is in regard to this matter.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my letter and become aware of this owners concern about the proposed amendments.

Yours truly