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    Edmonton market

    Hi, I am wondering if anybody has bought or sold a house in Edmonton in last couple months and wondering if it would be better to sell now then later in the year? I am looking to buy a house in St. Catharines, Ontario but not sure I can unless I sell my house in Edmonton. But I'm afraid my...
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    New Kitchen Cabinets

    Does anybody know of any wholesale kitchen cabinet/installers in the Edmonton area? I'm looking to put a new kitchen in my basement suite after the old one got destroyed to repair a water leak. I'm looking to save some money because I've been out of rent for 3 months now. Thanks. Stan
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    Making a legal suite

    Hi, I have an investment property in Edmonton and want to make my in law suite into a legal suite. I know the basement windows need to be bigger and wonder what the cost would be for that. Also the gas heat is controlled by the upstairs and how would I go about separating that? Do I just put in...
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    Looking for a lawyer for class action suit against a Prop. Manager

    Hi, I have never had to go through this before so I am looking for advice on how to proceed with this. There are several of us who have properties in Edmonton and a property manager (Randy Gratton) that had kept about 2 months rent and damage deposit and hasn't forwarded any rent to us. Does...
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    Looking for property management in Edmonton ASAP

    Can anybody refer or suggest a good property management firm in Edmonton? My last one hasn't paid the rent to me for two months and so I consider it theft and now I am stuck with no property management and the house needs some repairs. I am in Edmonton for a few more days before going back to...
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    Real estate in Leduc, Alberta

    Hi, I am wondering if anybody has invested in Leduc and if its a booming city like Edmonton. I know one person had renters competing for a house to rent and ended up paying a higher rent. Any thoughts on Leduc? Thanks Stanley Dim
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    Best Edmonton areas

    What areas in Edmonton are recommended to invest in? I was cautioned about the east side. My price range is $290,000-$350,000. I am looking at Zones 1, 27 and 29 (Millswoods). Any other areas that are recommended would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.