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  1. Thomas Beyer

    Living in Old Ottawa East

    From an investment perspective: Don’t buy a condo and certainly not a one BR condo. They make THE worst investments. Buy a SF house, TH or 1/2 duplex !! What’s the purpose of this purchase? A personal residence or an investment, or both? What’s the price point? Why not put 5-10% down and get...
  2. Thomas Beyer

    My Vision

    Nice. No kids ? No promotions? No 60-70h corp job? But a networth of only 500,000 (which presumably includes your house) can’t generate $30,000/yr in income esp if it’s growing. Some reading here. Sent from my...
  3. Thomas Beyer

    Wholesale Real Estate Advice

    What does “wholesaling” mean to you ? This is Canada. Not the US. I assume you buy in cash to get a sufficiently low price for sufficient spread ? It’s illegal btw in BC to assign a contract for more money ! What price point are you targeting ? Sent from my iPhone using myREINspace
  4. Thomas Beyer

    Future of Alberta

    Plenty of cheap office space and huge talent pool will attract more high tech software firms like this one Sent from my iPhone using myREINspace
  5. Thomas Beyer

    Future of Alberta

    Flat for a while. Be cautious but not overly negative. A hardy province and oil & gas is needed works wide for decades to come, with rising prices. Even had lithium for electric batteries, sunny and loads of ag opportunities and engineering jobs in cheap office space. Sent from my iPhone using...
  6. Thomas Beyer

    Private Lender

    I answered your question. To become a private lender you presumably have lots of money to lend and then you market that fact online or mortgage brokers !! Thomas Beyer, Asset Manager, Investor, Community Improver, Author, Father, Mentor
  7. Thomas Beyer

    Want to invest in the USA. But how

    Start with an area you like. Talk to realtors in the area that specialize in rental properties. Know what good value is, what rent levels are and what the rent control laws allow. Or start with secondary research on what are high growth areas in the US. Many in the south are. Avoid Dem run rent...
  8. Thomas Beyer

    Private Lender

    You advertise online, via forums or mortgage brokers. Sent from my iPhone using myREINspace
  9. Thomas Beyer

    Multifamily in Edmonton

    Anytime bro I also can eat in Van or Kelowna I’ll ring you up next time I am in the sunny Okanagan !! Sent from my iPhone using myREINspace
  10. Thomas Beyer

    Have Money, Seek Good Long Term Investment for Retirement

    Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes. There’s only probabilities fir everything else. Sent from my iPhone using myREINspace
  11. Thomas Beyer

    Have Money, Seek Good Long Term Investment for Retirement

    Unclear what cap rate this is ie what expenses in your short list of numbers is included or excluded. Prop mgmt? R&M? Smaller cities in BC might have more upside, as Victoria like Vancouver area is quite pricey already. Say any asset here Nanaimo Comox/Courtney Campbell River Sechelt Gibsons...
  12. Thomas Beyer

    My Vision

    Nice vision. Focus less on vision and more on specific actionable action steps towards your goal though. Plans or visions are easy. Planning ie breaking it down into specific smaller action steps are harder and then actually consistently doing them is very hard. Specifically: how much do you...
  13. Thomas Beyer

    Investing in New Brunswick. Thoughts?

    Yes it’s basically true. Markets with likely high appreciation trade on high multiples of income ie low cap rates and markets wth likely little upside due to lack of immigration or economic upside trade on lower multiples ie higher cap rates. Keep in mind acquisition search costs ie flying in...
  14. Thomas Beyer

    Should you always use the entire pre approved amount?

    There’s no one segment of the market that is better than another, per se. Condos generally under perform SF homes or homes with a suite in it but not always. It depends what you want, what you want to specialize in and how much time you’re willing to invest. OK and many smaller markets booming...
  15. Thomas Beyer

    HST Accounting for Mixed Comm/Res Property

    It’s usually done by using a commercial appraiser, a tax assessment or an estimate of value for each component. You pay HST on the commercial portion and as such rents matter but only in as far as they are used to estimate at the value of the commercial component vs the residential component...
  16. Thomas Beyer

    1.8 M spent on two purchases, ready for next step

    So, what is the question then? Thomas Beyer, Asset Manager, Investor, Asset Improver, Author, Father, Mentor
  17. Thomas Beyer

    1.8 M spent on two purchases, ready for next step

    Does the current zoning allow it? If not, can you rezone? Be aware of new rules for new construction ie replacing old windows, furnaces, roofs or wires to old part of building plus home warranty implications. Might not be as simple as stated. Check with city planning department. Financing...
  18. Thomas Beyer

    Fully Renovated Legally Suited House in South Edmonton

    Money partner bringing all the money is common for a min 50% stake. But adding risk by also qualifying for a mortgage is worth another 20% in my books. So 30/70. But hey if you can sell 50/50 why not ? Thomas Beyer, Asset Manager, Investor, Asset Improver, Author, Father, Mentor
  19. Thomas Beyer

    1.8 M spent on two purchases, ready for next step

    More details please. How do you convert a 4-plex into an 8-plex ? Add walls and chop up an up and down 4 BR to 2 x 2 BR ? Legally ? Or just as 4 more illegal units ? Age? Size? Rents? Furnaces? Fire separation? What city? Sent from my iPhone using myREINspace
  20. Thomas Beyer

    Long-Distance Real Estate Investing in Canada

    You need to become an area AND property type specialist first. Nothing wrong investing elsewhere but keep costs and logistics in mind. Flying to east coast is a 5-6 h flight, possibly with a layover in YYZ, a 3-4 h time zone change AND at least $2000/trip for a 3-4 day trip each. Consider...