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  1. Tina Myrvang

    The Real Estate Investment Network Summit - March 19th - 20th

    All Access, Premium and Associate REIN Members will be auto registered Watch for our email with information on how to set up our event app. You will find the full agenda, speakers and links to join the presentations.
  2. Tina Myrvang

    storage units

    People also ask How much is renters insurance for a storage unit? On average, storage unit insurance costs anywhere between 50 cents and $2 for every $100 worth of property in the unit. The cost may vary depending on how large the storage unit is. Do you need insurance for Public Storage? For...
  3. Tina Myrvang

    Living in Old Ottawa East

    You need to also think about your intentions as Thomas says. If this is for an investment, then there are so many other factors you need to think about. Cash Flow etc. If this is to live in for yourself, make sure it will appreciate and you can afford it. As I stated above, strata fees are a big...
  4. Tina Myrvang

    Living in Old Ottawa East

    Hello, very nice spaces. I can't seem to find the price for these units. The website is very slow. Have you looked into the strata fees? I would be very interested in that first.
  5. Tina Myrvang

    Looking for Ottawa Real Estate Agent

    Tony Miller is a REIN member in Ottawa. He's a huge part of our community. Hope that helps.
  6. Tina Myrvang

    virtual bookkeeper

    Hi Tyler, Here is a suggestion:
  7. Tina Myrvang

    Looking for a great private lender

    You need to reach out to a Mortgage Broker.
  8. Tina Myrvang

    Private Lender

    I was a lender when I worked for a Mortgage Broker. The Mortgage Broker will have the borrowers that the banks won't touch.
  9. Tina Myrvang

    November 13-14, 2020 - The Real Estate Investment Network Summit

    Hello REIN Members, Remember that amazing Summit in November? It's now been downloaded to your Member Back Office. Many members have reached out to find out when they can re-listen and I'm happy to say that time is NOW!!! You will find the full event and the Break Out sessions with Patrick...
  10. Tina Myrvang

    Seeking Vernon, BC realtor

    Have you tried You can request a commercial realtor in Vernon.
  11. Tina Myrvang

    Changes to the Ontario Standard Lease - March 2021

    Standard Lease Agreement for Ontario
  12. Tina Myrvang

    HUGE hydro bill in September!!!!

    Start a conversation with him and he will let you know.
  13. Tina Myrvang

    Building a core team in GTA

    Hello! Please see our trusted partners here: Also the Resource Directory here:
  14. Tina Myrvang

    renting out a room in my house in BC

    Hello, You need to know your rights as a landlord as well as your tenants rights. Which Province? Tenant screening is so important. Especially now
  15. Tina Myrvang

    Winning the paper war

    Hi Terry, It's been downloaded to the Member Back Office in Meeting Content.
  16. Tina Myrvang

    Winning the Paper War - A Proven Strategy to Buying Back Your Time

    Log into your Member Back Office for the Masterclass: Winning the Paper War hosted by Jennifer Hunt. Organization creates success. It puts investors in control of their businesses, not buried by loads of paperwork. Running a successful real estate investing business requires impeccable property...
  17. Tina Myrvang

    Fix or variable

    Is the 1.85 on insured mortgages only?