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  1. LillianHo

    Which Alberta Energy Provider do you use?

    I am looking for an energy provider for my rental property in Edmonton. Which provider do you use and recommend? Is it better to register under landlord and have flat rate to he tenant or ask them to register an account? Thanks for the input!
  2. LillianHo

    Bare Trust Company

    Anyone have advice on setting up bare trust company for commercial real estate purchase? My lawyer is suggesting to have one, most benefit is when I sell the property. What's your experience and thought?
  3. LillianHo

    Need Lawyer for Mobile Home Park Closing

    I have a mobile home park closing in October, and the subject has removed. I need to find a lawyer that can do mobile home park closing. Any recommendation?
  4. LillianHo

    Business Mailing Address

    I am setting up a company to purchase a commercial real estate. I am in Vancouver, and property is in Vancouver island. For privacy reason, I don't want to use my personal address as company's mailing address. What's the best option? Canada Post mailbox service? UPS rent a mailbox? Or register...
  5. LillianHo

    Commercial Mortgage on Mobile Home Park

    I would like to know some information on financing Mobile Home Park in BC. That's the major bank can offer? LTV? Rate? How about credit union and smaller financial institute? Higher LTV and higher rate? How much higher? Thomas, could you share some experience on this? Thanks.
  6. LillianHo

    Arm Length Mortgage

    I have self directed RRSP account with Olympia trust. If I do arm length mortgage with my friend who will use her property as collateral to borrow my RRSP. If we ask lawyer to finish the transaction and register the mortgage to the title, how much legal fee would be? Anybody did this in BC? Any...
  7. LillianHo

    How to report rental income when taking over someone's mortgage

    Hello all the REIN experts, I am in the process closing a property with a seller. He has agreed for me to pay his equity portion and take over his mortgage. For my understanding, he will be still on the title until I take over the mortgage , and for now I will have "right to purchase" on the...
  8. LillianHo

    Do I need lawyer now?

    Hello REIN experts and investors, I have a problem now that really need your advice and experience. I lend some money to a guy to do his business, I registered a second mortgage on his investment property located in New Westminster, BC which is not far from my home. The problem now is that he...
  9. LillianHo

    Is this area in Edmonton good?

    There is a investment opportunity(joint Venture) in Edmonton, I am doing some research now. I need someone to tell me how is this area? It is located at 82 Ave. NW and 91 Street. How's the rental market in this area? What's the cap rate I should look for in this area? Thank you for your input.
  10. LillianHo

    How`s Dawson Creek rental market?

    Somebody approach me and want me to invest in new housing project in Dawson Creek. They are building right now. I am more worried about the vacancy rate than cash flow. Anybody knows the market there?
  11. LillianHo

    Tax return question, Principal paydown as income?

    I have a joint venture rent to own property with someone in Alberta. This is the first year for the tax report on this property. He said he will send me a form T776, including the portion of money he paid me every month as income plus the portion of principal pay down as income. I don't...
  12. LillianHo

    Who pays GST for new townhouse

    Let`s say I bought a new townhouse and I want to resale to somebody else right away. Can the new buyer pay GST and get rebate? Let`s say assignment is not an option. How about the completion date I close with the builder is the same day I close with the new buyer? Any clarification? Lillian
  13. LillianHo

    Where can I find assignment form?

    I need your help on this subject. I own a pre-sale townhouse in Surrey, and I can make some money on because of buy low from the builder. The T/H will be complete in the end of this month. I have somebody interested to buy. Which legal form do I need between me and the new buyer? Could you tell...
  14. LillianHo

    Advice needed - Prince Rupert/Port Edward Investment Property

    Do you know Prince Rupert Port Edward district? I need your feedback on this investment property. Oceanview Drive, legal duplex. 4 bedrooms, 1 bath at each side. Two address, so can sell seperately. One side rented to a family $500 ( below market rent), this family has stayed there for over 6...
  15. LillianHo

    Share your experience on creative financing?

    I am very interested in creative financing with the seller. I know somebody who is very successful doing it. Have you done any deal with creative financing like owner financing 10-20%, no interest for 5 years, option to buy in 5-10 years or owner finance all the purchase? How would you approach...
  16. LillianHo

    Advice on using HELOC

    I need advice on using HELOC for some RE transactions. In my last deal, I was thinking to use my HELOC to do a purchase and apply for mortgage later (the offer didn`t get accepted in the end). The reasons I wanted to do that: 1) I have a large amount of HELOC available to use at prime rate. 2)...
  17. LillianHo

    Plumbing and Electrician Needed in Surrey area

    I am looking for reputable plumbing and electrician company for my Surrey rental property. One problem is shower tub faucet leaking, another problem is regarding about the electric heating board. Can someone recommend company in Lower Mainland, BC provide good professional service with...
  18. LillianHo

    Mastermind Group Needed in Burnaby

    I am a new REIN member just joined in April. Even though I have some knowledge about real estate investing through other seminars and books, and have rental property in Surrey, BC, but I am still new to this business. I am very excited to join REIN and would like to meet more experienced...