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  1. DebbieA

    Hi Tina, I recently opened a small business (non real estate related) and I was wondering...

    Hi Tina, I recently opened a small business (non real estate related) and I was wondering where I could post it on my rein space or even if I am allowed to?
  2. DebbieA

    I was profiled in the Globe Mail! Thanks, REIN!

    Congratulations Sherilynn...very nice......
  3. DebbieA

    Need A Buddy

    Sorry Merridy for getting back to you so late. Yes, I am still looking for one, you? Debbie
  4. DebbieA

    Need A Buddy

    I missed the first REIN Mastery Module 1, but I have since listened to the cds and attended the REIN Meeting on May 29th. I am in need of a buddy as well. Thanks so much Debbie
  5. DebbieA

    Looking for a great handyperson in Calgary

    Hello Everyone, I am starting to have a few issues with items around my condo that are in need of repair. I am looking for a "handyperson" who knows about plumbing, appliances, as well as flooring. Thanks so much Debbie
  6. DebbieA

    Do basic home maintenance courses exist?

    QUOTE (MatzoB @ Apr 9 2009, 02:22 AM) Thank you to all of you for your most helpful replies. I shall be picking up the book from Home Depot and will try watching youtube instructional videos. While I believe in working on your business rather than in your business, I believe it is important to...
  7. DebbieA

    Calgary real estate market - what would you do?

    Hi Katzma2, There is alot of great advice that you have had from differnet people in this forum, some REIN Members and some not. I am a REIN Member and I am currently selling my property. It is NOT a good time to sell, but in my case I have to. I am going through a separation and it must go...