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    ARV in edmonton

    Hey guys, looking to buy my first property. Want to try and follow the brrrr strategy. I'm looking to try and get an accurate ARV to calculate for when I get a mortgage. Two issues, one, in some cases there are very few comps so if I go further back (instead of 0-6 months, up to two years...
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    US Hedge Fund bets on Canadian housing market crash What do real estate investors think about this? Any strategies for "in the event of..." scenario?
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    Exclusive realtor

    Got sent a contract from a realtor I’d been emailing with that basically states I can only go through him in that city. Is that standard? Sent from my iPhone using myREINspace
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    Getting property under contract

    Hello, I have been practicing analyzing deals in preparation for my first purchase. I am just now talking to lawyers, mortgage broker, contractors, and putting together a team. I have come across a property that I feel is the kind of deal that I am looking for but I don't have everything in...
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    BRRRR in condo

    Is there any reason why you couldn't buy the worst unit in a building, reno it, and refinance for what comps have gone for recently in the same building? I'm just wondering if it being a condo has any bearing on that process?
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    sell or Hold

    Hello all, This is an interesting exercise since it is not my property at play yet I am looking to get into real estate so I'm enjoying this opportunity to look into things. An organization that I am a part of has 10 properties in a small northern alberta town. They are all older 4 mobile...