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    Building a core team in GTA

    Looking to build a core team of like minded individuals (5-10)in the GTA and greater Toronto with different skill sets.We have capital and investment knowledge.
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    ACRE Calgary March 6-9, 2020

    Hi Michel How about sharing some multifamily deals from alberta. Thanx
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    Property Analyser required simple in excel spreadsheet

    A copy for me too
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    Urgent - Waterloo Proposed Residential Rental Licensing bylaw

    I am intrerested to know why Adam thinks we should not buy any properties at this present time.I feel the same because I have seen people in a hurry to purchase investment properties and having to pay higher prices. I was at an open house for a 6 plex in Toronto and there was a lot of...
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    Kitchener multiplexes and price/door

    The property has 24 units.I think we can get it for 75k a unit.Is this figure still high?I dont think 70k is possible with this seller though The location seems decent and most tenants are families.Parking is available-covered and secure. What are the property management costs typically in...
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    Kitchener multiplexes and price/door

    Calling experts in the KWC area.In Kitchener what price per door is considered reasonable for a 20+ multiplex?I was out seeing a property yesterday and the guy wanted 79K per door[all 2 beds].Its in great shape and fully tenanted and rents for about $750-800. Is there room to increase the...
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    hamilton,mississauga-laminate flooring

    Can anybody recommend an installer for a flooring job-laminate.I am looking for somebody in the Hamilton,GTA area.
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    Canadian in US wanting to buy a 4 plex

    What organization in the US is equivalent to REIN in Canada.
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    realtor conflict of interest

    The listing realtors get extremely ticked off when u even suggest getting another agent.I had one guy a few days ago insist a buyers agreement be signed before he even sent me the listing. This listing was not on the MLS and I had the address but no other info eg. price etc.I had never even met...
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    realtor conflict of interest

    Is it wise to you buy a property from a listing realtor directly[multiplex]? I have been looking at a property recently and am having difficulty determining whose side the realtor is on-he is obviously in a position of strength because he knows exactly what both sides want. Is it true that most...
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    Hamilton Investor Mastermind Meeting

    Hi I want to be added to the hamilton mastermind meeting.Who should I send my details to.I went there on Oct 10 and nobody was there.Was it rescheduled?
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    Can smart property investors get bankrupt

    As safe as houses. Is there an economic climate when real estate investing is risky?Getting cash flow on your properties is very protective but is there a time when even positive cash flow will not protect u? If u follow the property goldmine scorecard and select good areas with good cash flow...
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    Multifamily home study course

    Is the home study multifamily course much different from the acre course.Is there a lot of new or different info presented.I was thinking of purchasing it for 387$ which is the price before oct 15 and 587$ after. For those that went for the course is it money well spent or will the acre be...
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    Is Scarborough still a good place to invest?

    There is a widespread sense that prices in the GTA are going to fall.The timeframe is very difficult to predict though.My house has doubled in price over the last 6 years and I am beginning to see houses take longer to sell and people reduce prices.I live in Mississauga. Is it a good strategy...
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    CBC just ran a show about 2 weeks ago on Rich Dad.It was quite negative and they had hidden cameras in one of there live events which showed the speaker up selling and power selling some expensive advanced programmes. They interviewed the founder at the end and he claimed that he outsourced...
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    Canadians Precariously Close To Financial Instability

    One unusual aspect about economists is they can explain why you would get high interest rates for the next few years.You would then hear just as good an argument for why there should be low interest rates. It`s clear nobody knows.but we have historically low rates-they will go up and they have...
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    Canadians Precariously Close To Financial Instability

    Great posts.I think this topic is of crucial importance.If property prices go down and u have cash or money on the side to invest the upside potential will be much higher if u wait a bit.Also you wont risk going bankrupt if interest rates go up. Market timing is however the challenge.What chance...
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    Canadians Precariously Close To Financial Instability

    Should we wait for the inevitable downturn and buy later.I understand that if a good deal comes along we can act now.however the good deal may be available as a " great" deal in a few months.
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    QUOTE (housingrental @ Sep 14 2010, 01:47 PM) I conditionally purchased a 25 tenant property on Sunday in KWC. Lots of interest for Ontario... not sure where you`re looking. Are u able to to provide me your sources of info for the kwc area.I am interested in 10-15 door properties.should I be...