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    Building a core team in GTA

    Looking to build a core team of like minded individuals (5-10)in the GTA and greater Toronto with different skill sets.We have capital and investment knowledge.
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    Kitchener multiplexes and price/door

    Calling experts in the KWC area.In Kitchener what price per door is considered reasonable for a 20+ multiplex?I was out seeing a property yesterday and the guy wanted 79K per door[all 2 beds].Its in great shape and fully tenanted and rents for about $750-800. Is there room to increase the...
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    hamilton,mississauga-laminate flooring

    Can anybody recommend an installer for a flooring job-laminate.I am looking for somebody in the Hamilton,GTA area.
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    realtor conflict of interest

    Is it wise to you buy a property from a listing realtor directly[multiplex]? I have been looking at a property recently and am having difficulty determining whose side the realtor is on-he is obviously in a position of strength because he knows exactly what both sides want. Is it true that most...
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    Can smart property investors get bankrupt

    As safe as houses. Is there an economic climate when real estate investing is risky?Getting cash flow on your properties is very protective but is there a time when even positive cash flow will not protect u? If u follow the property goldmine scorecard and select good areas with good cash flow...
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    Multifamily home study course

    Is the home study multifamily course much different from the acre course.Is there a lot of new or different info presented.I was thinking of purchasing it for 387$ which is the price before oct 15 and 587$ after. For those that went for the course is it money well spent or will the acre be...
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    I was on loop net and some properties are being offered with cap rates of 18% and above.are these not great deals- a whole lot better than the 7% we can get in Toronto. It`s only an hour away-is anybody investing there?Is it a potential minefield?
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    There seems to be no interest in properties in the gta.Are they too expensive and will the expected downturn be an opportunity.I am interested in Multifamily properties in Gta,Hamilton,KWC locale.I live in Mississauga and work in Brampton.