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  1. KeithnCalgary

    Consequences of returning the property to the mortgage holder and walking away?

    Neil, did you figure out a solution? Sent from my SM-G935W8 using myREINspace mobile app
  2. KeithnCalgary

    City of Calgary Bylaw Forbid renting out Garage

    Likely the complaint was triggered by a parking issue or an activity taking place in the garage that was bothering the neighbors. Do you know what your garage renters were actually doing? Having the tenants rent the garage is not what they are looking at it is third party garage renters where...
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    Looking for Calgary based, commercial realtor

    Hi Benjamin: I have a Commercial Realtor I can introduce you to. It is always good to talk to a few to see who fits best with you and your needs. Keith Uthe, REIA Mortgage Alliance Enrich Mortgage Group 403-614-8843
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    Rental suited house with pool:

    Sounds like lots of extra landlord costs on maintaining the pool and arguments over use. What are the insurance risks and your insurers opinion of your risk?
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    Mortgage renewals

    When you consider A lender rental interest rates are at or near 4% if you have to pay about 5% at B lender that is not bad. If you have no other lending options and don't want to sell what choice is there. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using myREINspace mobile app
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    Mortgage renewals

    This is why investors need to maintain their relationship with a mortgage broker that has access to lending products that could prevent foreclosure. If you know an investor that needs help have them contact me. We have a rental property lender that will use stated income and 100% rental...
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    Mortgage rates too good to be true? CanWise Financial

    You are looking at High Ratio insured mortgage rates not rental property rates. You will not find rental property rates posted on rate hub or other similar sites. Lenders apply rate premiums to rental properties. Keith Uthe Mortgage Alliance Enrich Mortgage Sent from my SM-G935W8 using...
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    New Kitchen Cabinets

    If you join Direct Buy you could get about 63% of kitchen cabinets.
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    Investing Strategy to Finish Condo Basement

    There are lenders that will do Refinance plus improvements. If you are working with a knowledgeable mortgage broker then they should be able to help direct you in this process. If not then get in touch with me and I will help you. Keith Uthe, REIA Mortgage Alliance Enrich Mortgage Group...
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    Private Money Avg Rates

    The assessment of the people that you are lending the money too is critical to the process. Can they afford to make the payments based on the interest rate you want to charge? If this is your first time then you need to have an independent lawyer that represents you int he process and that...
  11. KeithnCalgary

    How has "lenders declining mortgage applications" caused a housing crisis?

    As a mortgage broker I use credit unions for my investor and home owner clients quite often. They often ask for more documentation and amazing how investors will balk at these requests. Often the rate is competitive and some limit to 25 year AM. They do not fall under federal regulations so...
  12. KeithnCalgary

    How has "lenders declining mortgage applications" caused a housing crisis?

    The most recent mortgage qualification rules only affect conventional uninsured mortgages. There are many different rules in play now. The problem is many people are confused and that is why they need to speak with a mortgage broker to help them understand the differences and where they fit. I...
  13. KeithnCalgary

    Negotiating rates with banks

    Hi Shawn: The questions for an investor to ask is what is their time worth and how is it best spent? Does the investor have the time to contact multiple different lenders to try and find out about rates and qualification requirements and answer their questions? Does the investor know how to...
  14. KeithnCalgary

    Negotiating rates with banks

    The rate premiums charged by lenders on rental properties varies from .05 to .35%. If you are only going to deal with one bank ans not a mortgage broker then you are stuck with what they offer. As a mortgage broker I will advise of the various rental financing options available through many...
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    Where to purchase bulk furnaces and hot water tanks in Edmonton/Grande Prairie/Dawson Creek

    Get a Direct Buy membership Sent from my SM-G935W8 using myREINspace mobile app
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    Presale condo

    Make sure you review your purchase contract very closely. Many builders now restrict you from selling the condo prior to possession and require you to sell it back to them at the purchase price. Keith Uthe, REIA Enrich Mortgage Group
  17. KeithnCalgary

    Consumer proposals and Credit Scores

    With any consumer proposal company you work with ask them how they get paid or make their money. Money mentors and companies like them are paid by the creditors they are negotiating with. The more you end up paying the more they make. Sent from my SM-G935W8 using myREINspace mobile app
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    Eviction proceedinga

    See if Don Rossom can assist you Sent from my GT-N5110 using myREINspace mobile app
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    Tough decision: To sell family home, or to retain it as an investment.

    Here are some quick key questions to ask yourselves: 1. Do you want to own an investment property in this area? 2. Is it a good rental area? 3. Does it fit and get you closer to your REI and life goals? 4. Could you get a better return on the equity if you sold and re-deployed the capital...
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    VTB Mortgage

    Hi Colin You need to make sure your lawyer does up the paperwork for a proper 2nd mortgage for the buyer to sign at closing. Your lawyer will then register your 2nd mortgage interest on title. Keith Uthe REIA Sent from my GT-N5110 using myREINspace mobile app