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    ISO 1 bedroom apartment near Ryerson University.

    Hi, I'm asking for a friend's kids that attending Ryerson Uni. They will be long term tenants, 2 great visa students, no party nor smoking. Their budget is $1600 or less, all utilities included. Must come with a kitchen. Thanks, Sent from my SM-G960W using myREINspace mobile app
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    Rental suited house with pool:

    Hi, What are your thoughts of being a landlord of suited bungalow with separate entrance that has a swimming pool. Would it be better to give access to the upper level tenants and is it usually the landlord or tenants that maintain the pool? Or is it a bad idea to begin with? House is in...
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    JV set up?

    Hi all, I have a question if we could set up a JV in the most simplest way. Let’s say My wife and I have a professional company called A Ltd. and the company owns 100% of B Ltd. which holds couple RE. If my BIL wants to come in 50% of all the assets and we’re willing to leave the mortgages...
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    Tenant won't move out by end of April as agreed.

    Hi all, I've been renting a townhouse to 3 tenants on 1 contract, they're friends to each other. They had notified me on April 1 to move out by the end of this month. Two of them have been good except the third one always been a headache. The other two wanted to stay but can't afford the whole...
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    Mortgage and insurance for fixing and flippin?

    Hi, I just secured a deal to do fixing and flipping and it is my first one. I had contacted my previous mortgage specialist at the bank but haven't told her that it will be a fix and flip incase she doesn't want to do it, however I will tell her since I don't want to burn any bridges and hope...
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    what would be a fair split?

    let's say if someone is experienced with reno and flip finding a suitable deal. I fund the down payment and finance the mortgage under my name. We then put in 50-50 for the cost of reno. He is incharge of the reno by hiring contractor and might put in some work himself. In this scenario, what...
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    Financing for US motel:

    Hi, My friend in Toronto is interested in buying a motel in Florida but not sure where she could get financing. TD commercial banker said no to her but I'm sure there should be another way, maybe some banks in the states... Anyone has experience or pointers? Thanks,
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    Mortgages between chartered banks and brokers:

    Hi, If I already have mortgage(s) at the X bank and then go with a broker for my next mortgage and it happened that the lender is the same bank, would they combine that to their cap exposure or they are two separate channels? Thanks,
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    Calgary and Edmonton?

    Hi, Is it time to look into Calgary or Edmonton yet? and where? Which segment is good in these market? detached/townhouse/condos...? Thanks,
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    Is Chilliwack still good place to invest?

    Hi everyone, Look like Chilliwack/Sardis price had shot up quite a bit in the last couple years. Is it still a good place to invest? I live in Alberta and had checked it out last month, I prefer the Sardis area. If my budget is $400k-500k, what would be the good segment and what's the cap rate...