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  1. Hilary Kohal

    Student rental properties for sale

    For Sale: Two student-rental properties in A Plus locations in St. Catharines, ON. Both properties are single- detached bungalows, each with 6 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Rent is $2790 per month, per property, and both houses are under lease for the next 12 months, until April 30, 2018...
  2. Hilary Kohal

    Student Rental Property For Sale - leased until April 2018

    Detached bungalow, 6 bedroom, student rental INCOME property in St. Catharines, ON. A+ location for Brock University students. Property comes with 6 bedrooms under lease for the next 12 months, until April 30, 2018. $465 per student = $2,790 per month. Professional property management...
  3. Hilary Kohal

    Ease of Use - website

    Hi there First off I must admit that I haven't taken enough time it takes to learn how to navigate around this website. I find myself going in a few circles looking for certain information. So I guess it isn't yet intuitive to me. There is a lot of information with a lot of different...
  4. Hilary Kohal

    Lakefront (Lake Ontario) Single Detached House - Assignment $629,900

    Assignment available: Lakefront single detached, updated home on huge lot. Sixty-three (63') frontage on Lake Ontario x 336' deep! The only SINGLE-DETACHED, updated-home on Lake Ontario (from Oakville to Niagara on the Lake) priced just over $500,000! Signed and accepted Lease in place at...
  5. Hilary Kohal

    Hamilton Renovator and Handyman

    Hi I am looking for both an experienced renovator and a handyman in the Hamilton/Grimsby area. As well I am looking for a licensed electrician. Thanks for taking the time to respond and for any good quality leads that might come from this post!!! Hilary Kohal
  6. Hilary Kohal

    Problem with new Tenant

    I had a realtor find me a tenant for a townhouse I own and lease in the same community where I live. Before the tenant moved in a couple of neighbours mentioned to me that they witnessed that the prospective tenant seemed to be blind or physically challenged. I called my realtor and asked him...