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    Looking for property wholesalers in the Edmonton area...

    Hey Thomas, I know a investor who bought a home in the Wellington area last year thru a wholesaler. He got a good deal. It's not common place by any means, but they are out there. Looking for bungalows to suite.
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    Looking for property wholesalers in the Edmonton area...

    Hello, Does anybody know any good property wholesalers in the Edmonton area? Thx.
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    When to sell? Questioning impact of new housing complex on same street

    I think it largely depends on the property and your current financial situation. Is the property cash flowing? Do you have a good tenant with a long term lease? Is it easy to manage or is it a constant headache with high turnover? Do you have a fair bit of equity tied up in the property that...
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    Hello, In regards to your question about basement suites in Edmonton, I have done them in the...

    Hello, In regards to your question about basement suites in Edmonton, I have done them in the past for customers. The last House was 270k Construction costs were 75k, (basement suite and main floor reno). So total investment was 345k. It reappraised at 440k. Just to give you an idea...
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    Thanks Said!

    Thanks Said!
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    Opening Account with Supply Stores for Contractor to Use - Good Idea?

    I wouldn't set up a commercial account for contractors personally. Any reputable tradesman should already have company accounts set up with wholesalers/suppliers. Also, if they make an unauthorized purchase the credit card company will not go to bat for you. The merchant is the only one who can...
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    where to invest

    Cory, You said you get ahead by not listening to the naysayers and chicken littles' of the world. In other words, don't give into the fear mongering. I agreed and used a quote from Warren Buffet to back up your theory. What's confusing about that?
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    Looking for Edmonton-based accountant

    Christian Thut 780.761.1688
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    Best Bank ?

    Hey Will, I've had my plumbing company for about 6 years and have used BMO the whole time. They've been fine. The majority of my customers pay via cheque so having pavilions where I can cash cheques is important as well as quick access to cash 5 day holds or anything like that. Also...
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    Reading material

    Investor Financing by Dalia Barsoum & Enza Venuto. They're mortgage brokers from Ontario. Found it was a really easy read and broke thing down in simplified terms. Had a lot of good information. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller. American book but still had a lot of tips for...
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    To rent or buy?

    Hey Raymond, Personally, I'm not sold on the flipping houses phenomenon. I think it's a lot more practical in the US where it's easier to qualify for loans and material and labor is a lot less. Not convinced it is practical is Canada. Sure, you may be able to find the odd diamond in the ruff and...
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    Need a great mortgage broker in the Edmonton area.

    Hello, I am in search of a skilled mortgage broker in the Edmonton area. Would like somebody who: -is a top performer -is experienced in working with real estate investors -is a real estate investor themselves -is experienced in working with the self employed To give a brief overview...would...
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    My Basement Apartment Reno- Update

    Cool video. Just one thing....your main shutoff valve and water meter should be accessible. Maybe in the future wouldn't be bad to put a pair of hinges and a handle on a top or side panel of mdf? Other than that, nicely done.
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    Contractor Legal Secondary Suite Edmonton

    Hey Mitch, I can be reached at 780.233.4713. My company is called Built With Pride Construction Ltd. I am a plumber/gasfitter by trade but also do general contracting. Have done legal secondary suites in Edmonton in the past. Can provide referrals from past customers...
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    Edmonton. Legalizing a secondary Suite, process

    You also need 1 parking stall for every 2 bdrms. Eg: 3 bdrms up, 2 down = 3 stalls (2 for upstairs, 1 for downstairs). If u have 3 up and 3 down u need 4 stalls. (2 for upstairs, 2 for downstairs).
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    Legal Secondary Basement Suites

    It's just frustrating. I'm not going to sit here and pretend to be an expert on radon gas but I have never heard of a slab deteriorating due to radon. When I see concrete slabs with cracks its because a. the builder didn't spend the money to provide proper heat during and after the pour and/or...
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    Legal Secondary Basement Suites

    And thanks for the feedback regarding your experience with basement suites and grant programs.
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    Legal Secondary Basement Suites

    One of the big wigs downtown must have shares in a smoke detector manufacturing company. It's ridiculous...complete overkill. Now new homes need a pipe stubbed up from the backfill under the basement slab so they can test for radon gas! It's always evolving...not for the better...but always...
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    Town house or detached home for investing?

    Single family detached all day long. You have far more control and don't need to worry about a sketchy condo board who cant budget their money unexpectedly raising your condo fees. Plus, in 30+ years when the house is paid off u can always bulldoze it and redevelop.