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  1. melkinch

    taxes and rent to own deals

    So I have been away from the REI world for awhile but now need to get my taxes done and not sure what to do. So I closed a R2O deal back in April 2015. My name was not on title, except for the moments between the transfer from invester to the homeowner. I had an investor that bought the house...
  2. melkinch

    Commercial and Residential Window cleaning

    Does anyone know of good window cleaning supply stores/distributors in Edmonton/Calgary areas? Thanks so much!
  3. melkinch

    US money for Candien deal?

    Hi all, Quick does someone from the States invest their money in a Canadian deal? So if they wanted to do a deal with me here then how can I help them make that happen? Are there certain rules about how they can use their money here? I have never done any investing in the...