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    Anyone have any tenant-buyer prospects?

    Looking for a tenant-buyer for a 5 year term in Leduc. Townhouse (no condo) Built in 2016 3 bedrooms Double detached garage No down payment required Payments - $1975 ($325 going to Option) If you have someone who’d be interested, we’ll pay a referral fee in we sign them. Email...
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    Agreement for Sale Deals!

    Is there anyone here interested in Agreement for Sale deals? We’re going to have lots of low equity, low deposit, mid to long term deals on properties coming in the next 12 monthes. We focus on properties that can be added to your rental portfolio. Most of these deals are $0-$10000 deposits...
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    Edmonton Agreement For Sale Assignment. 7 years! $5000

    Agreement for Sale Assignment Rutherford (Edmonton, AB) Note: With every assignment it includes FREE COACHING! You can email us as often as you like with any questions. AFS Details: Term – 7 years (July 27th 2025) Deposit – Zero Assignment Fee - $5000 Purchase Price - $260,000 approx...
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    The deal that kept growing......

    That's amazing. Congrats!
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    infill project in Edmonton.

    This may seem really negative but Thomas and Adriano are making great points. Don't get demotivated though. If this is something you really want to do, then do lots of research. Find someone who has experience doing it, be prepared to pay for their knowledge with coaching or consulting. Best...
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    Lawn Maintenance Neglected By Tenant

    For sure. I really just want to go and take care of it myself, but I'm really trying to spend more time with my daughter. That and I don't want to pay a company hundreds if I'm not going to get it back. Cross my fingers with all things considered the RTDRS sides with me on it.
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    Lawn Maintenance Neglected By Tenant

    This ones definitely going to RTDRS, because damages are going to be above and beyond DD, as well as rent arrears. So I wanted to be sure I could get the lawn maintenance done now, or do I need to wait until termination of the lease?
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    Lawn Maintenance Neglected By Tenant

    I'm in a bit of a Cold War with these tenants. They don't realize I can see everything they post on Facebook. Their plan is to stop paying rent so I evict them. This all started after a scheduled inspection 3 weeks ago to find the lawn brown, covered in weeds, and the inside of the house...
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    Lawn Maintenance Neglected By Tenant

    Hi guys, There's unfortunately nothing in my lease specific to any charges for not maintaining the lawn but it is getting to the point where it's going to need some serious treatment. I could definitely wait until the end of the lease and charge them out of their damage deposit for repair, but...
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    Dating in 2017

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    Tenants started a hydroponic garden

    Thank you so much guys. They don't fit the characters of pot growers, they probably just saw it on Pinterest and thought it would be cool. But you've all made great points. We've talked to them and sent them formal emails to follow up and they seemed understanding. We'll be heading in on...
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    Tenants started a hydroponic garden

    I'm about to send the tenants a formal request to unplug and remove the garden immediately but I want to see if anyone has dealt with a similar situation before. We're not certain what exactly they're growing but my initial thoughts are: a) It could be marijuana. Unlikely but... b) They're in a...
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    Free On Line Credit Check

    My wife just found credit karma the other day. Not sure how many free reports you get
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    Edmonton to potentially/hopefully legalize suites in side-by-side duplexes

    Yah I spoke with the planner overseeing it last year and I'm "supposed" to be on a mailing list for information. Really glad you posted this. Thankyou
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    What obstacles are there to building a large scale tenant first rent to own business?

    Ha that's funny I just heard about it through a podcast earlier today. Thanks guys!
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    What obstacles are there to building a large scale tenant first rent to own business?

    Do you guys recommend any good literature for RTO?
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    What obstacles are there to building a large scale tenant first rent to own business?

    My wife and I are at this point right now. Looking forward to this thread.
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    What's the signifigance of "17"?

    Ah ok. Thanks Marnie!
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    What's the signifigance of "17"?

    17 monthes of membership. 17 properties for a gold pin. There's probably a significance, just curious if anyone knows?
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    Help with tenants

    We're looking forward to it!