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  1. infinity

    US Purchase

    Hello all, I am looking to purchase property in the US. Is David Franklin still available for legal/tax consultation? If so, could I please get his contact information? Thanks in advance.
  2. infinity

    seller financing

    Hello all, I have someone who`s willing to sell me a 4plex. I would like to make it win win, as the title is free and clear, and owner willing to finance. Below are the particulars regarding the property. ask price: 650,000 owner finance cashflow is not a problem What are some possible offers...
  3. infinity


    I would like to "option properties", but am wondering what I can and cannot say to fsbos to avoid stepping on realtors toes. Also, those of you that have experience with options, I was wondering if it`s normal to let the seller carry through with the ability to sell their property while it`s...
  4. infinity

    dealing with realtors

    I am ready to call my realtor and get him to find me motivated sellers that he knows of. However, what is in it for him? Don`t realtors get paid based on the sale price of the house? thanx all. Jamie