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    Experience with Selling Realtors

    Hi, I am sure that most of the REIN members are buying right now instead of selling. However, I am selling a home right now in BC. I was wondering what some of the members experiences have been with their selling realtors. I find that the last two homes I sold all the realtor did was put the...
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    Second Mortgages

    Hi all, I am thinking about doing a second mortgage in BC can any one tell me how they work if I need to foreclose? Do I need to talk to a lawyer or a mortgage broker about details on Foreclosures. Thanks Coreena
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    InnKeepers Act

    Hi there, I was trying to find info on the innkeepers act and when I googled it I couldn`t find anything up to date. Does anyone have a link where to find some info on this. Thanks Coreena
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    Selling a property with roommates

    Hi All, I have a question. I am currently selling a home that is vacant and in different town then where I live. I go to the house once a week to make sure everything is okay and do touch ups. I was thinking about renting out a couple of the rooms in the house so that there would be someone...
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    Mortgage Companies and Flips

    Hello, some of you are probably aware of the Renovation (Flip) CD`s, that take you through how to flip properties for profit. In these CD`s Arlen mentions a mortgage company Calvert Mortgage company. Does anyone know of any companies that do similar work in BC? Also are there any other...
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    Grande Prairie Rents

    Hi All, I have a huge problems and hope that someone has some great advice. I have an older 5 bdrm house in GP in South Patterson. I recently had it rented out for $2300 per month with a company in the forest industry. They gave notice in Nov and I haven`t been able to find a tenant yet...