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  1. dsmandato

    See How Alberta Net Migration is Trending

    Here is a neat link on trending of Alberta's net migration.
  2. dsmandato

    I Recieved My Letter To Happiness

    I recieved my letter commiting to implement 3 things to make this year a happier one. I have to admit I had forgotten about the letter but hadn`t forgetten the commitment. My three commitments were: 1.Listen, truely pay attention to my wife 2.Resign from my day job 3.Strengthen my...
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    If you are a wealth or financial manager/broker and have raised funds for large real estate projects, we want to talk to you! After being in Real Estate for almost 10 years and in multi-family buildings for the last 5 years, we are looking to grow our business. With more than 100 rental units by...
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    Own Part of a Multi Family Building And Earn Up to 80%

    Do You Want To Take Your Investment Level Up To Multi-Family Buildings? What`s Stopping You? Not Enough Knowledge, Experience, System, Team? We Have It All...And We Want To Share It With You. On June 11th and June 21st , find out how you can get into the Multi-Family buisiness sooner than...
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    multi family investments

    As part of giving back we are thinking of holding a free seminar for those who are interested in taking their invesment up to multi family. My name is Domenic Mandato, President & Founder for InvestPlus Properties Canada Ltd. and I`ve been a REIN member for 5 years. Our main investment focus...