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    Seeking players for Hybrid Real Estate Game

    Thursday is Game Night in Edmonton! - Learn the Real Estate Cycle!Learn the key indicators that drive the real estate cycle and how to profit from it. GAME NIGHT: Thursday Aug. 19th and Sept. 2nd, then every 4th Thursday from there on. RSVP by emailing me at
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    Insurance when purchasing by way of AFS

    Who carries the insurance on the property when we buy by way of AFS, the seller or us the AFS purchaser? (we have a property that we are picking up by way of AFS and LTO`ing it on the exit side). Thanks.
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    Store your Tell Me the Time game in your trunk!

    I just bought the Tell Me the Time (Hybrid Real Estate) game in November and got it in the mail in Early December. Just before my annual snowmobiling trip with my buddies to the mountains. I figured a week with my buds would be a great time to try out the game for the first time. To make a...
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    AFS one page info sheet for seller

    Does anyone happen to have a short info sheet made up to provide to a seller if they ask how an agreement for sale works? Jim
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    Property with a Variable Rate Mortgage

    When taking control of a property with a variable rate mortgage, what is the simplest and most effective way to cover the sellers payments?
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    Attention Investors

    Become a Real Estate Investor and Still Keep Your Freedom “Over 90% of all Millionaires have become so through owning Real Estate” Andrew Carnegie Dear Potential Investor, We Do All of the Work Become a Real Estate Investor by doing none of the work! Make safe, secure...