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    Waterloo region landlording event - Potential owners and owners of rental properties in Waterloo, Kitchener, and Cambridge look here.

    Do you invest, or are you thinking of investing in rental properties in Waterloo region? Come to the Waterloo Regional Apartment Manager's association event on September 12 2018. If you don't have time to come, give me a text or call at 647-822-1620 and I can provide perspective. This meeting...
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    Court ruling requires sold Toronto home prices to be made public!

    A major change in Toronto real estate is coming because of a court case! Sold prices of properties are to be allowed through websites in the next few months. I have some thoughts and wanted to get your suggestions on how to best market and provide this information on my site to connect with...
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    I need help!

    I'm launching a few new websites soon. I will be writing regular blog posts. Please post suggestions on what topics you would like to read about. With love and thanks!
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    Waterloo - Kitchener - Cambridge investment real estate market

    I would like to hear from other posters their thoughts on Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge. Ten years ago REIN members were targeting this area as one of the best in Ontario. What is the current perception of the area and the potential for appreciation? Did you examine investments and decided...
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    I need help

    I have a new website created at The last two times I changed the Hoffaco website I received great input from the REIN forums. I have incorporated your suggestions into this new site. I value your input again. There are still items being worked on that should be working better...
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    My new website up - HELP! - Need review for improvement + suggestions from property owners.

    Please check out my new website at Please let me know your thoughts on it. All suggestions for improvement, positive, and negative comments are welcome! As a rental property owner if you were looking for property management in Kitchener and Waterloo what would you like to...
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    Need help - Mortgage brokers and other experts - current residential mortgage rates in Ontario

    I'm looking to take out a small mortgage on my house. Is it possible currently to do better than 2.85% with the scenario listed below? What rates are possible and what lenders should be contacted? What are the best rates available currently for mortgages with: Ontario 5 year term...
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    Do you offer rent to own - interested in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge? Contact me I will make you $

    A new website is being made for Hoffaco Property Management. The website will contain a section for rent to owns. I want to reference people interested in rent to owns to you. I want no involvement in rent to owns, you handle the entire process. Please send proposals by posting below or...
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    HIRING - Hoffaco Property Management in Waterloo is HIRING - Looking to work for, or do contract work, for a Property Management company in Waterloo?

    Hoffaco Property Management need's more people to do work! Will pay $$'s Looking for: Full time (1) and Part time (many) to assist in PM company operations - MUST be willing to take on and learn all types of work as need requires including but not limited to - rental viewings, writing...
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    Are we in for the start of a long term deflationary operating environment? Are lower asset values and net incomes for properties around the corner thr

    Are we in for the start of a long term deflationary operating environment? Are lower asset values and net incomes for properties around the corner throughout Canada? For some info on recent events take a look through this article...
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    Rent to Own - RTO question

    a question for RTO experts - what happens when tenants are responsible for repairs and do not undertake them? Wouldn't many owners be left with potentially huge liabillity? Ie RTO tenant does not repair property as needed RTO tenant does not purchase property RTO leaves to USA etc...
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    Who is appropriate contact in REIN organization for help?

    Could someone send me an email - thanks!
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    How to choose a property manager - brutal criticism wanted on article

    Please provide your thoughts and criticisms on article below - Thanks Choosing a property manager As a starting point in selecting a property manager a real estate investor should look to its trusted team members - Realtor, Lawyer, Mortgage Broker, etc. - for references to...
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    GTA growth planning - An exceptional well written article

    Take a look:
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    Possible bad news to all Ontario investors - Your help is needed!

    Hi This could have a significant impact to anyone that owns (or rents) residential real estate in Ontario - More info here: Please take a minute to send an email.....
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    Critique my classified advertisement

    Hi,I don`t think I`ve written other non-property specific advertisements, and most I do write have not been so limited in space. This was for Wilfrid Laurier University, and a variation of it for University of Waterloo, classified section of their student newspapers and I`ll be running this...
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    Why joining REIN was the best desicision of my life

    I just wanted to take a minute to help out anyone wondering if joining REIN is for them. Some recent posts have been linking to posts on reasons why and why not to join REIN. As one of the contributors to those posts almost three years ago (prior to joining REIN but as a non member user of...
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    What`s behind the curtain - What due dilligence should be done before signing up for a course?

    Are they any REIN provided templates of what to look for in an educational system? Does anyone have any suggestions on questions that need to be answered BEFORE spending money on a system?
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    Posts are now grouped

    Hi,As of a few minutes ago when I load a post to read the other posts below the initial one aren`t loaded but one line of them is and I have to click on each one to get them to expand. Is this a new setting on the website? Or did I click something? Can I get it to revert back to showing all of...
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    Student housing in st. catherines

    Hi, I had talked for awhile with someone from this boards apx. 1 year ago who owns a bunch of student properties in St. Catherines - I`d like to get in contact with them again but can`t remember his name - If you are him please email me Also - If there`s anyone who owns / manages / sells...